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Ruling: TN to vote on marriage ban; Feigned specualtion: 'Gee, I wonder how that's gonna go!?'

by Jeremy Hooper

  The TN Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that the ACLU did not have standing to file a suit challenging the state's proposed constitutional marriage ban, clearing the way for voters to decide on the measure this fall.

Though that's not so bad, as we're sure the state's residents will totally realize the measure is discriminatory and vote against it, right? Don't ya think? It's possible, right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Volunteer State voters will choose whether or not to tarnish their state's history this November. Now, we don't want to try and persuade the voters or anything; however, we do have it on good word that if they approve the ban, God will cancel Christmas.

Voters to decide on gay marriage amendment, high court decides [Tennessean]

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