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Sky tops GayWheels' most searched cars; other sky tops Earth's totality

by Jeremy Hooper

The website GayWheels.com has released a list of the ten vehicles their readers have most researched on their site. They are:

1. Saturn Sky
2. Toyota Yaris
3. Dodge Caliber
4. Volkswagen Jetta
5. Toyota Camry
6. Audi A3
7. Toyota Prius
8. Saab 9-3 (sedan and convertible)
9. Pontiac G6 (sedan, coupe and convertible)
10. Mazda MX-5

And the most searched car features (at least in our imagination)?

"Allows for rear entry" for gay men
"Large headlights, no bras" for lesbians
"Easy shifting" for bisexuals
"Body that fits the engine" for transgenders
"Ability to Reverse Rights" for those who oppose the entire LGBT rainbow

Top 10 Researched Vehicles on Gaywheels.com [GayWheels.com]

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