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BREAKING: Proof that 'pro-fam' leaders actually share one brain

by Jeremy Hooper

From Cybercast News Service, this quote from Randy Thommason about California's much-debated gay rights bill, SB 1437:

Picture 3-12

And from Tony Perkins' "Washington Update," a daily publication from the Family Research Council that's ostensibly written by Perkins himself, this little bit:

Picture 4-8

Now guys we know it must be hard to come up with fresh new ways to paint an equality-encouraging bill as evil, but this is just ridiculous! If you can't concoct the deceit, get out of the "pro-family" kitchen!

As for the cheater -- well, Tony's piece was posted yesterday and Cybercast's Thommason quote was posted today, so it's unclear who's unattributably mimicking who here. Either way, we hope teacher gives one of them an automatic 'F.'

Conservatives Launch Final Assault on 'Gay Education' Bill [Cybercast News]
Homosexual Agenda or Bust! [FRC's "Washington Update," 8/16]

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