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Bush put pen to paper and we actually benefitted

by Jeremy Hooper

Pres. Bush today signed into law the Pension Protection Act, a historic piece of legislation that extends financial protections to all Americans who name non-spouses as the beneficiaries of their retirement plans (such as same-sex partners).

So Bush-backed progress in terms of gays obtaining benefits after their partner is dead -- CHECK.

Bush-backed progress in terms of gays obtaining partner benefits while both are still living -- ...[crickets]..

In addition to a post-death pension funds rollover, the law also affords gay couples more equal treatment under hardship distribution rules (which allow folks to tap into retirement funds in the event of an emergency). And yes, we're only pretending like we know what we're talking about. Who the hell do you think we are, Kiplingers?

Historic Provisions for GLBT Families Signed Into Law [HRC]

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