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'Concerned Intern' enters CWA audio booth, acts accordingly

by Jeremy Hooper

In an audio chat with with Martha Kleder, the Concerned Women For America's summer interns are today recounting the joys they've had working with the anti-gay organization over the past few months. And while most are pedestrian stories of conserva-summer-fun, one from "Concerned Intern" Molly Hamrick really rubbed us the wrong way. She says:

MOLLY HAMRICK: Well, the first, like, two days I was here, I was working on a research project finding out which government agencies were celebrating Gay Pride Month using federal funding, your tax dollars. And in doing the research, I pretty much called most of the notable agencies and spoke to them about that. Well, the next day, my name was in the Washington Blade, the gay newspaper here in Washington D.C., saying that someone from Concerned Women For America calling herself Molly Hamrick [a line that elicits snarky laughter from the others in the studio, as if such a suspicious tactic is just so typical of gay activists] was asking government agencies about the Pride events and they assumed that we were going to try and put a stop to those events.

But here's the thing: the Blade piece actually said of Ms. Hamrick:


They never made a snarky, suspicious "calling her Molly Hamrick" aside like Ms. Hamrick implies. And they also never "assumed" CWA was going to "try and put a stop to these events," but rather quoted Leonard Hirsch of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Federal Employees group as saying that HE thought Ms. Hamrick's call "indicated conservative, anti-gay groups might be planning an election year campaign to pressure the Bush administration into placing more restraints on gay events at federal agencies." So while it makes a cute little story to which all of the conservative listeners can roll their eyes, shake their heads, and declare,"those silly gays," Ms. Hamrick is really just exemplifying that she has mastered the skill at which the Concerned Women For America are most deft: spinning situations so that gays look unsavory.

And yes, this seems like a little thing -- but in a way it's not. Because clearly Ms Hamrick's version of the events is one that she either truly believes or feels compelled to relay. Either way, she's not seeing or conveying the truth behind the situation on such a FUNDAMENTAL level. Just like fellow "Conerned Intern" Sarah Kuziomko recently tried to pass off Dr. Robert Spitzer's study as if it were concrete proof that "gays can change," Ms. Hamrick is now trying to pass off a benign incident of which the gays were right to be suspicious (as CWA was, by most every account, trying to pressure govt. agencies to withhold support for Gay Pride) as if it were one where the gays were irrational and just a bit militant/ bitchy.

Clearly she learned the "pro-family" ropes, that Molly!

So to Molly and all of the young "Conerned Interns," we leave you with these thoughts. As you head back to your schools or lives, taking with you all that you've learned this summer, we ask that you do us one big favor. We'd like you to take a second and just consider another viewpoint. For you see, ladies, the organization to which you've dedicated your time is so rife with duplicity that it's almost hysterical. We have an entire section dedicated to the hurtful words and bald-faced half-truths that come from CWA. Read up on it. Consider what we are saying to you. Know that they are waging what is truly a discriminatory campaign against us, made all the more frightening by the fact that they truly do have the ear of the White House. We don't doubt for a second that you ladies are very good people and think you are working for an upstanding, moral organization. We would probably think that too if we didn't dedicate so much time analyzing their practices and words.

So ladies, as you lie in bed tonight and all is quiet in your head, we ask that you please consider what we are saying to you with an open mind. No matter what you've been told about us this summer, we truly are decent people. We know our truths and no amount of "pro-family" spin is ever going to trump what we have always felt in our hearts, minds, and genitals. We are not immoral and God-less, and we don't want "special rights." We want to stop having to fight for the most basic of freedoms -- the right to live without fear or bias. It won't make you a bad Christian to support equality or to have another look at the Bible and consider what it might really be saying on the subject. We know your summer has told you otherwise; here's hoping your fall will prove to be more soul-cleansing.

CWA Introduces our Summer Interns [CWA]

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