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Diorama of Stonewall riots now a more unlikely project for Cali fourth graders

by Jeremy Hooper

MilkTo keep the measure from being vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger, a bill that would've required California schools to teach LGBT history has now been watered down, with the new language only requiring that school teachings not show bias against gays.

It's still a step in the right direction for gay equality, but it's totally annoying news for those kindergarten teachers who were excited to non-controversially use the workbook:


It remains to be seen if Schwarzenegger will still veto the bill now that it's been altered to appease him. If so, we hear the bill will be altered again, this time simply to read: "Schools to become exactly as gay-friendly as Arnold will allow. Seriously dude -- let's just cut the nonsense and you tell us what you will and will not accept."

Kuehl Removes Key Portion of Bill on Gays in Textbooks [LA Times]
SB 1437 (Amended Aug. 7) [Cali Senate]

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