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'Ex-gays' to protest APA; 'leopards who've changed their spots' to sit this one out

by Jeremy Hooper

   The "gays can change"-touting folks at Exodus International have announced that they'll protest tomorrow (Aug. 11) at the American Psychological Association's national convention, because they say "the APA has moved away from its mission to improve the welfare of its patients in favor of a more political one" (i.e. The APA calls them out on their 'ex-gay' bullshit, making their propaganda-based jobs that much harder).

Exodus president Alan Chambers (pic.) says:

"While the APA continues to play politics with social issues unrelated to its mission, thousands of current and potential patients are being harmed" ... "We represent those across the country who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction, desire the help of skilled professionals and are instead, being discriminated against because their personal beliefs do not align with that of the APA."

Which is kind of like saying that the American Medical Association discriminates against those who push snake oil as a valid cure for cancer. If a practice runs contrary to a groups' researched policy on a subject, they're gonna reject it! The APA doesn't give credence to the "ex-gay" movement because they, like anyone who studies the subject, it is a religious-based campaign of stigmatization unsupported by any and all research that's not conducted by NARTH or Paul Cameron. The APA isn't "playing politics" on this specific "social issue" -- they're refuting the dangerous game being played by Exodus and every other "gays can change"-espousing group.

Here's the real deal, Mr. Chambers: You guys believe your own message because you have pressured at the hand of religious demonization to find your innate sexuality immoral, flawed, and fixable. But you guys have no "proof" outside of research conducted by your own usual suspects. Your 30 or so year campaigns are refuted by COUNTLESS folks who have left your programs, including some past founders and leaders. And even the one bit of seemingly credible research that you guys continue to tout as favorable to your cause, that of Dr. Robert Spizer, is refuted by Mr. Spitzer himself, who has repeatedly called you all out on the way you twist and misuse his work. It's non-stop deceit!

Guys, your whole cause is based only on theories convenient to yourselves. According to a recent Advocate magazine poll [Issue# 965, June 20], your ideas are refuted by 92% of the gay community. Those of us who know what it means to be gay and have not been persecuted or tormented into believing that we're wrong for living our truths see right through your programs of false compassion. And every single credible mental and medical health organization, the kinds of people who rely on research as a rule, also refute your methodology and success rates. So while you guys have every right to continue working out of your own self-satisfying playbook and are certainly free to stifle your own reality, you're not going to get ANY fact-based, non-religious organization to hop on board your duplicitous train. So protest the APA convention, Alan -- we respect your conviction. But those of u know that the ones who are truly being harmed are the ones who have bought into your "ex-gay" ruse have our own convictions, and we simply CANNOT quiet down. Your ideas on sexuality deserve not an inch of credence, much less a mile of organizational endorsement.

Exodus International Joins Pro-Family Protest [Exodus Rel. via US Newswire]
(H/t: ExGayWatch)

**UPDATE: Wayne Besen's Truth Wins Out will be on hand to counter Exodus

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