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'Amazing' show of support: Three gays grace latest 'Race'

by Jeremy Hooper

The new edition of the "Amazing Race" (premiering Sept. 17) will feature both Tom & Terry and Duke & Lauren:

Picture 5-10Picture 6-11

The former team consists of a gay couple of more than two years, and the latter a lesbian and her not-always-so-accepting father.

All racing to win -- the chance to become the next Reichen.

It remains to be seen if the "Amazing" gay trio will be able to change some hearts and minds on their televised journey. Although we're hoping that those who think sexuality is just a "Detour" on life's race, where one can choose whichever path they find the most desirable, will learn that these three's orientations are as predetermined as the non-elimination rounds.

Amazing Race Official Site [CBS.com]

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