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Another WND reader surfs the Amazon, gets blind sided by rising tide of acceptance

by Jeremy Hooper

On Friday we told you how a reader had complained to WorldNetDaily that online superstore Amazon.com recommended Brokeback Mountain as a DVD she might like to accompany her Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Lady and the Tramp selections. Outraged the reader was; "homosexual agenda" the reader claimed.

Well, today yet another WND reader, this time identified as Fred Luffman, is seething mad at the Internet retailer because their new "Unbox" service features "Gay&Lesbian" programming as one of the 10 TV genres featured on their shortlist of downloadable options:

Picture 14-6

Shocking to this writer that it wasn't "Reality TV" to which he objected; but I digress.
Of the inclusion of "G&L" programming, Luffman tells WND:

"I don't know if there's an agenda at the corporate level but I don't doubt there is an agenda among some lower level personnel tasked with web page content," ..."These kinds of offerings are especially troubling to me as a parent since downloads of this kind can easily bypass most if not all web filtering software."

Because as everyone knows, in every major corporation it's the "lower level personnel" who make all the choices. Damn underlings and their agenda of making gay & lesbian programming available to customers; poor upper management is just defenseless to their power!

As for Mr. Luffman's other point -- why can "downloads of this kind...easily bypass most if not all web filtering software?" Well, because stand-up comedy, teen drama, and documentaries on LGBT subjects (the 3 choices currently under the "G&L" heading)....

Picture 16-3

...are not objectionable content that should be filtered. In fact, if they were automatically filtered as offensive, that particular filtering system would have some serious 'splainin' to do!

What is so enraging about these sort of "pro-family" complaints is in the way they always accuse a companies inclusion of the gay community as if its a definitive promotion. In fact, WND headlines this article: "New Amazon feature promotes 'gay' shows." But in reality, Amazon is no more promoting LGBT programming than it is promoting "Kids & Family" or "Education & Learning," the two genres surrounding the "G&L" option. We honestly would have not one objection if "Religious Programming" was also on the shortlist. In fact, with the considerable market that exists for such products, we're a little surprised it's not an option. But if it would've been or is in the future, we're not going to find it intimidating or indicative of anything! Hell, Amazon already carries hard-to-find books from some of our most strident opposition, including Louis Sheldon's uber-offensive The Agenda: The Homosexual Plan to Change America and the extremely anti-gay The Marketing of Evil, a book written by WorldNetDaily's own David Kupelian. But we don't take their inclusion of the system to be indicative of anything beyond a large company's desire to please several markets. As for their inclusion of "G&L" programming as one of their Top Ten TV genres, a rational person would assume that the company's research must have shown that it is one of the categories most likely to please their customers and, in turn, make them the most money.

And not to mention -- if the company IS choosing to specifically highlight "Gay & Lesbian" programming, then that is something that needs NO APOLOGY! After all, as long as there are readers like Mr. Luffman and outlets like WorldNet to throw gay-unfriendly stones, the importance of highlighting positive gay portrayals should remain a priority for anyone who recognizes just how mean-spirited and unnecessary these attacks truly are.

New Amazon feature promotes 'gay' shows [WND]

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