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Basically when these guys refer to historical civilizations, they mean 'middle America, 1950ish'

by Jeremy Hooper

Governor-1From Agape Press, this recount of comments Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made about same-sex marriage at this past weekend's "Values Voters Summit":

The governor...admitted he is "not real fond" when people try to tell him that he is just against same-sex marriage. "I tell people I'm actually just for keeping marriage in the only manner for which it's ever been known in any culture, in any civilization throughout all of history."

And in a statement that drew applause, he added: "Dear friends, until Moses comes down with two stone tablets from Brokeback Mountain saying we've changed the rules, let's keep it like it is."


a) The Ten Commandments say nothing about same-sex marriage.

b) They do say things about doing no work on the Sabbath, not murdering (which we'd assume includes the death penalty, war, and assassination of leaders), not "bearing false witness, and many other oft-ignored decrees.

c) Moses, by more than one account, had MORE THAN ONE WIFE!

d) Marriage the way we've known it in recent history is FAR from "the only manner for which it's ever been known in any culture, in any civilization throughout all of history." For example, many societies believed that if a married man died without producing a child, his widow was required to engage in a "levirate marriage," which meant she had to engage in sexual intercourse with her brother-in-law until they produced a son who would carry on the name. Oh, and polygamy -- also prevalent throughout history. And what about arranged or forced marriages, you ask? Well, while they may not be prevalent in Little Rock, many cultures still follow such practice today. So Gov. Huckabee, marriages have not always been the "down on one knee proposal, bridal shower, church wedding, reception with a tossed bouquet" affairs that you and your cronies like to paint as God's perfect design.

e) History has made many mistakes. Anyone group that doesn't exist as a majority can tell you all about it.

f) Leave Brokeback Mountain out of this. We know what you're trying to do there politically, but it's just so lame.

Agape goes on to tell how Huckabee is also promoting "covenant marriages," which require couples to receive pre-marital counseling and makes divorce a much harder feat, all in an effort to secure the union. We say:

"If you guys seriously need to take extra precautions to ensure your union's stability, then perhaps you are doing something wrong. We have a novel idea -- just find someone you love so much you can't imagine living a day without them and make a pledge! This writer has found that, and he doesn't need extra bubble wrap to secure the state of his relationship. He and countless others only need folks like Mike Huckabee to stop trying to justify an unjustifiable wrong."

Huckabee, Romney Expound on Traditional Marriage [Agape]

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