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Beware, gays: Our agenda to destroy sanctity of Amazon.com discovered

by Jeremy Hooper

It "blew me away," an anonymous woman says of Amazon.com's suggestion that since she'd already purchased Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, already owned The Chronicles of Narnia, and had already rated Lady and the Tramp, she might be interested in purchasing the Brokeback Mountain DVD. The woman says to WorldNetDaily:

"I can't see any reason for these movies to bring up a recommendation for a movie about homosexual lovers unless someone in Amazon has an agenda (especially in the IT dept)"

Now, if you just go to the "Customers Also Bought These Items..." page for the Brokeback DVD...


...you will see that both Narnia and Harry Potter rank quite high, providing an easy explanation as to why they would be recommended in the same breath as Brokeback. But whatever -- it's so much easier to blame that damn gay agenda!

We do, however, find it ironic that this lady criticizes the film recommendation the way she does, as it would see that being "blown, away" was a crucial plot point of the flick in question. Hopefully as she mulls whether or not to say to her Amazon.com addiction, "I wish I knew how to quit you," she'll realize that some of us find Potter, Brokeback, Lady, and the Chronic - what? - cles of Narnia go together as naturally as a stem to a rose.

Hey, wait a minute -- does our above illustration look like a stem of cherries to anyone else? Wow, just noticed that!

Amazon suggests 'Brokeback' for kids [WND]

UPDATE: Another WND reader surfs the Amazon, gets blind sided by rising tide of acceptance [G-A-Y]

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