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How do you challenge 'Satan?'

by Jeremy Hooper

Below are quotes a 21 year old young man gave to the Press-Enterprise and the Desert Sun newspapers, regarding why he chose to attend a weekend "ex-gay" conference in Indian Wells, CA:

"I'm here to get out of and overcome my homosexuality"... "I believe that our God, who is Jesus Christ, will heal someone who is going through homosexuality or lesbianism. ...Yes, (sometimes) I will have lustful thoughts but those thoughts come from Satan."

This is a struggle I’ve had to struggle since I was 13”...“I want to be with church. I want to be with God,” ... “I didn’t choose to become gay. I don’t know where these thoughts came (from).

And from this same young man's Myspace blog (you'll have to find it yourself), the advice he received from a friend that led him to attend the conference in the first place:

"Hello, i just wanted to let you know I read your bulletin about your struggle and it really made me sad for you. I prayed about how to respond in a way that might help you... and I feel to give you the phone number for focus on the family (800) A-FAMILY (232-6459). My husband and I were on the brink of divorce and they helped us so much. They have a man on staff who is a former homosexual... he's now married with children and Jesus has totally freed him. WE all struggle with sin... it comes in so many forms but in Jesus eyes no sin is bigger than another.... He has said "there is no more condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus"... But He can totally free us! Don't be frustrated thinking this is your life forever... it's not... I used to drink, do drugs, smoke, etc... and the Lord totally delivered me and best of all took all the desire away too. He loves you so much and you are chasing after Him... you've exposes Satan by bringing this to light... keep on doing what you say your doing.. stay in the Word! and PRAY! And when Satan comes at you and says see you're still a homosexual and always will be... rebuke the lies and speak aloud I am a child of God! I hope I haven't rambled on and on and been annoying... Take care and God bless..."

So how the hell do you compete with that? How do you reason with bullies who prosetylize to impressionable young people, most of whom have been led their whole lives to believe that their internal truths are wrong or immoral? How do you challenge one who equates "leaving" homosexuality to quitting drugs or drinking? What can you say to someone who attributes a desire for same-sex lovin' and non-desire for opposite sex relations to Satan? Who can rationalize with a movement that so steadfastly and conveniently ignores science, professional opinion, and common sense in their undying quests to stamp out what they perceive to be evil?

You can't. For those in that corner, all conversation on the subject has stopped. All varying discourse falls on deaf ears. Any research indicating a genetic link to homosexuality is spun and presented as just another part of the "homoseuxal agenda." Anyone who follows their natural desire in a way free from self-hate or religious condemnation is simply detached from God, and in many of their estimations, hell-bound. You simply cannot reason with those who justify their discriminatory positions using only selective Biblical interpretation.

But we can't stop trying.

We know the pain of non-acceptance. We've felt the hurt of bias. We know the mental anguish of being told your lesser than or disgusting by those who are supposed to love you most. It's a form of torture we would wish on no one.

However, we also know the joy of true love. We've felt the gentle kiss of truth. We know the peace of acceptance, both from our own selves and from those around us. It's a form of bliss that we desire for all of the world's inhabitants.

As long as this stealth movement of false compassion keeps up their dangerous, hurtful game, we simply can't stop challenging them. Our logic will elicit pity from those who think us false prophets. However, if even one scared fourteen year old hears an accepting message, the likes of which is absent in their own daily lives, then our efforts are not in vain. No matter how much the "ex-gay" movement denies the veracity of our claims, the truth is on our side. The truth wins out.

My friends, we can't stop trying.

**For a firsthand account and photos of this "ex-gay conference and the reasoned protest against it, head over to Ex Gay Watch.
**Also, be sure to read how the "ex-gays" claim their cause is not political, despite
evidence to the contrary

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