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LaBarbera calls gays 'spoiled children'; we say, 'Fine then! We're just gonna take our full equality and go home!'

by Jeremy Hooper

   In an interview with Mass Resistance's Brian Camenker, Peter LaBarbera of the professional anti-gay group "Americans For Truth" said over the weekend:

"...the gay movement -- as we all know, those of us who fight it -- they crave approval. And, um, they're sort of like spoiled children, and when a responsible adult comes in says 'No,' they yell and scream. And what people like me and you, Brian, and Amy [Contrada, Brian's co-host] do, is we say 'No.' We say, 'no homosexuality is not normal, no it should not be promoted in schools, no homosexual marriage is actually counterfeit and an incredible blasphemy against a holy God, et cetera, et cetera. And they just go ballistic when people actually unapologetically take on their movement. The problem with so many in the pro-family and conservative movement is that they're so apologetic and sensitive about fighting this juggernaut, which is actually, probably, in addition to the evil it promotes, it probably the number one threat against freedom in this country, when you look especially at what's happening in other countries."

Yea, how dare they whose sexuality Peter claims "is not normal," whose relationships he calls "counterfeit and and incredible blasphemy against a holy God," and whose overall lives he says promote evil and pose the "number one threat against freedom in this country" go ballistic at Mr. LaBarbera's "responsible" musings?! Those "spoiled" gays, always defending themselves against those who wish to keep them demonized! Don't they know they're supposed to just respond "please sir, may I have another?" whenever being smacked by the hand of raging intolerance? After all, Petey is just expressing one side in this "culture war" battle, and even outrageously discriminatory discourse is deserving of nothing less than respect.

::writer rolls eyes so pointedly and unapologetically in Peter's general direction, one might claim he went eyeballistic:

Though frankly, we're a little surprised that anyone has raged that hard against LaBarbera. To us he's kind of always come across more like the Elmer Fudd of the anti-gay movement -- always out to catch those "wascally wights fightuhs," but with a musket that instead shoots his own side in the foot. That's not to disrespect Mr, LaBabera, as we find Elmer Fudd to be super cute and a hoot to watch! It's just to say that in terms of antics and our own interpretation of who poses a real threat our existences, his hunt seems a little more cartoony than the rest.

Sep 16/17 - Special BLOCKBUSTER pre-primary show! (LaBarbera comments come in the last ten minutes or so) [MassResistance]

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