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Like a gay Harlequin novel for political geeks

by Jeremy Hooper

   An excerpt from former NJ governor Jim McGreevey's soon-to-be released memoir, as quoted by the AP:

"We undressed and he kissed me. It was the first time in my life that a kiss meant what it was supposed to mean — it sent me through the roof," he wrote. "I was like a man emerging from 44 years in a cave to taste pure air for the first time, feel direct sunlight on pallid skin, warmth where there had only ever been a bone-chilling numbness."

"I pulled him to the bed and we made love like I'd always dreamed: a boastful, passionate, whispering, masculine kind of love"


For those yearning for more McGreevey revelations, you'll have to wait until The Confession is released on September 19. When you arrive at your local retailer, McGreevey's book will be that one political memoir that starts out as a softcover, but becomes fully hard around chapter 4.

McGreevey details battle with homosexuality in book [AP via NJ.com]
(Hat Tip: Gawker)

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