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Point/Counterpoint: Cali rally

by Jeremy Hooper

At a rally yesterday to protest three California bills (AB 606, AB 1056, and SB 1437) that would work to decrease gay discrimination in the state's schools and other publicly funded programs, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, pastor of Sacramento's Calvary Christian Center, is quoted as having said:

We are here today because we want you to be a man who stands up for the family, stand up for our children, and stands up for Christian rights. Governor, we know you have said one thing and then have done others. Quit flip flopping on us. Stand up for what is right. It is an insult to us for you to think we are going to vote for you, and then you can go against us and say other things and flip flop on us, then think we are going to still vote for you in this upcoming election. Do not be deceived, Governor Schwarzenegger.

And at a rally existing only within his own head this A.M., this writer says:

"It's an insult for Arnold to think you guys are going to vote for him? Hmm..well, you know what else is frighteningly insulting? That you guys are HOLDING A RALLY and threatening the Governor because he is encouraging LGBT equality! Pastor, this is not the Governor of Christianfornia that you're addressing! Nobody is trying to stop you guys from teaching that Leviticus and Romans I are rock solid gay condemnations that deserve no further analysis...in your churches! But when it comes to programs and schools that taxpayers from all walks of life, faiths, sexual orientations, and political convictions are funding, it's not kosher for one group's RELIGIOUS beliefs to stifle the human principle of impartiality."

Also quoted is Campaign for Children & Families' Latino spokesman Luis Galdamez, who said:

It is discrimination when you push sexual indoctrination,”...“In America, we have values. In America, family matters. We can no longer allow girlie-men in this state or any state to dictate to our children what they’re going to teach them. We need to see them face to face and tell them, we have our pants on the right way, we are men and women, we are not confused. And if anyone needs to teach our children, it needs to be us parents, not girlie-men from this building or any other building.

This writer:

"Oh, I see what you did there -- you incorporated 'girlie-men' into your speech because that's a famous Arnold saying. Cute. But here's the thing: We gays 'have our pants on the right way' also. 'We are men and women' also. 'We are not confused' either. We are good people who are sick of being demonized!Nobody is trying to keep any parents from teaching their children their own values. In fact, if you're a capable parent, nobody should be able to do this! But what these bills won't allow are for the anti-gay values that some parents espouse to negatively affect the pro-equality, pro-acceptance, anti-discrimination values of those who embrace them. If you're asking for Biblical convictions against homosexuality to be acceptable in publicly funded programs and schools, then that is simply something that will never be approved!"

Next up, Georgiana Preskar, director of Eagle Forum of Sacramento, who contributed this lil' doozy:

How many of you saw the movie Kindergarten Cop?,”...“Oh yeah, he was right there, protecting you and America. Well, where is he today? He is wrong. He has left behind the principles he came to this country for. We have to remind him. He has to come back to the American way. And what is the American way? It is the values of our nation’s founders. It is the only way to have freedom in this land.

And me:

"How many of you saw the movie Junior? Anyone? No? Oh, well Arnold was right there, playing a pregnant dude. And what if that baby that his character was carrying turned out to be gay? Wouldn't he want that child to experience the principles of equality that he came to this country for? We have to remind him. Arnold -- think of what Dr. Alex Hesse would want for his gay kid! And what is it that he would he want? He would want the values of acceptance and nondiscrimination taught in schools. It is the only way to have freedom from bias in this land.

Governor Schwarzenegger Warned by Pro-Family Californians [CCF]

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