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Now remember, reporters: Cover inaccuracy accurately!

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images FryrearIn preparation for this Saturday's "ex-gay"-encouraging event in California's Coachella Valley, Focus on the Family's resident "former lesbian," Melissa Fryrear (pic.), issued this statement today:

"We know a lot of reporters will be at the church because of all the controversy that's been generated over our coming to the area," ..."We'd hope that those reporters would give us a fair hearing by really listening to our stories and presentations -- truly hearing what our message is, rather than what our opponents say it is. We know not everyone will agree with us, maybe not even those covering the event; but we hope everyone will be fair in characterizing what we say and the way in which we say it."

So with media accuracy Ms. Fryrear's apparent goal, we'd like to take a second and remind journalists that this is the same Melissa Fryrear...

*...who on May 10 said that Dr. Robert Spitzer proved in a study that "thousands of men and women who were once gay-identified have changed their sexual orientation and now live fulfilled, heterosexual lives." This despite the fact that Spitzer himself has said of that study:

"I did not conclude that all gays should try to change, or even that they would be better off if they did. However, to my horror, some of the media reported the study as an attempt to show that homosexuality is a choice, and that substantial change is possible for any homosexual who decides to make the effort." [Wall Street Journal, May 23, 2001]

"Our sample was self-selected from people who already claimed they had made some change. We don't know how common that kind of change is. . . . I'm not saying that this can be easily done, or that most homosexuals who want to change can make this kind of change. I suspect it's quite unusual." [CNN, May 9, 2001]

"...I suspect the vast majority of gay people would be unable to alter by much a firmly established homosexual orientation." [Wall Street Journal, May 23, 2001]

"...the kinds of changes my subjects reported are highly unlikely to be available to the vast majority [of gays and lesbians]... "[only] a small minority -- perhaps 3% -- might have a "malleable" sexual orientation." He expressed a concern that his study results were being "twisted by the Christian right." [Advocate, July 17, 2001]

And in speaking about this very comment made by Melissa, Spitzer has said:

"Unfortunately Focus on the Family has once again reported findings of my study out of context to support their fight against gay rights" [Comments made to Wayne Besen, 6/20/2006]

*The same Melissa Fryrear who at a February "ex-gay" convention suggested that "...some lesbians look mannish" because "it’s a vulnerability to be a woman. That suit of armor to keep you from being hurt."

*The same Melissa Fryrear who has had the audacity to say of gays:

Sexual trauma is a huge piece of the puzzle. Having talked with hundreds of homosexuals, I have never met one that had not been sexually violated in his or her life.

*The same Melissa Fryrear who once suggested that gays' use of the word "love" is just a deceptive political device, saying:

"Gay activists are trying to find an argument that carries emotional weight: 'love,' after all, sounds good to everyone. "The problem, though, is their definition of 'love' is carefully camouflaged to mean more than Cupid ever meant it to mean. Their definition is meant to mean the acceptance and the celebration of homosexuality."

* Not to mention, the same Melissa Fryrear who works for a movement that is a cleverly designed campaign to convince folks that gay is a "choice," the likes of which is unsupported or even outright condemned by every credible mental and physical health association in the United States.

So while we agree that Melissa should be free to speak her message, we're sure she'll understand why those who base their information of facts rather than religious conviction and political motivation will have a hard time speaking the virtues of such a deceptive front. It's fitting the press release containing Ms. Fryrear's statement would be sub-headed, "Reporters Asked to Tune Out Protesters' Noise and Hear Message of Saturday Event," as the only way one can for a second wrap their mind around the "ex-gay" idea is by "tuning out" the reality of the world around them! Reporters SHOULD NOT give both sides an equal shake in terms of validity, as one side is completely unsupported outside of the same circles who wish to rollback gay rights in any and every way!

But then again, perhaps our understanding of what this movement is really all about is precisely why Melissa and crew don't want us there in the first place:


Love Won Out Speaker Urges Media to Report Fairly; Reporters Asked to Tune Out Protesters' Noise and Hear Message of Saturday Event [U.S. Newswire]

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