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Report: Almost Veep to give insight into 'almost' part

by Jeremy Hooper

   According to Raw Story, former Missouri senator John Danforth -- the man said to have been Bush's second choice for VP -- will lash out against the GOP in his soon-to-be released book, Faith and Politics. Raw quotes Danforth as saying of gays:

"I believe that homosexuality is a matter of sexual orientation rather than preference," ... "Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is, in my view, comparable to discrimination on other civil rights grounds. It is wrong, and it should be prohibited by law."

And of the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment:

"I think that the only purpose served by the campaign for the amendment is the humiliation of gay Americans, advocated by the Christian right and eagerly supported by its suitors in the Republican Party," ... "In reality, it is gay bashing."

And of campaigns to "protect marriage":

"America's divorce rate is now over 50 percent, and marriage is under attack from a number of quarters: finances, promiscuity, alcohol and drugs, the pressures of work, cultural acceptance of divorce, et cetera," ... "But it is incomprehensible that one of these threats is when someone else, whom we have never seen, in a place where we may have never been, has done something we don't like."

::Sigh:: Makes you wonder what might've been, had Mr. Danforth gotten the Veep nod. Though it's really no surprise that he was passed over the job, as everyone knows the GOP finds Dick and Bush to be a far better fit.

Danforth's tome will be released on September 19 (the same day as Jim McGreevey's). The current administration is reportedly already working to ensure that the two political memoirs never lie with each other as they would with "chick lit."

Bush's second choice for Vice President to assail GOP over Schiavo, gay rights [Raw Story]

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