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GLSEN has Ally Week, Exodus has 'Allies, Too'; Our own 'Kate & Allie" month bound to get overshadowed

by Jeremy Hooper

AllyIn order to counter GLSEN's Ally Week -- a weeklong celebration in which straight allies are encouraged to support safe schools for LGBT students -- the "ex-gay"-advocating folks at Exodus are launching something called "Allies, Too," which they say is designed so that "Christian students can voice their support for safer schools without compromising their faith in God’s Word." However, in reality, their event simply encourages students to become advocates for the fallacy that is the "ex-gay" movement. From Exodus' "Allies, Too" literature:

You may be close to some students or even faculty who identify as LGBT, and you need to pray for them as well: that their eyes will be open to the truth, their hearts made receptive to the Gospel, and that deceitful influences in their lives will be broken. Pray specifically for those who are secretly struggling with their sexuality, that they will fall into grace rather than into a lie.
Schedule an open forum for your youth group or Christian club to talk about the issue of homosexuality. Invite other students to bring their questions about God, the Bible and sexuality in our culture. Leadership should get familiar with the issues prior to such an event...

You may want to invite an experienced speaker for this kind of event. At the Exodus International website , you can search our Member Ministry network by location. Most of our affiliates offer experienced speakers who can share a personal testimony of coming out of homosexuality, and/or offer insight from years of working with people who have overcome.


Know your rights in this area! Your school cannot allow a club or organization to promote a viewpoint and simultaneously deny you the same right. If you encounter biased resistance, there are groups such as the Alliance Defense Fund which specialize in defending your rights.

Postcard Campaign
Exodus Youth has designed a series of evangelistic postcards geared towards people struggling with their sexuality. These cards can be used in conjunction with any other event you might decide on. Browse the samples on the Truth & Tolerance website.

And, of course, the postcards are all encouraging of sexuality metamorphosis...

Picture 5-21

...saying things like:

"At Exodus, there are many of us who, just like you, grew up feeling different. Our need to be accepted and loved by others of our gender, long overdue for being met, became a totally different desire. But we found that homosexuality wasn't what we really needed. We found freedom in reclaiming our God-given identity as men and women, just live everyone else. It's not about going hetero. It's about getting the best. Would you rather heal that old wound that says you're different, or let it dictate your identity and your future? You do have a choice."

So dangerous; so misguided! And as for their earlier claims that "Your school cannot allow a club or organization to promote a viewpoint and simultaneously deny you the same right" -- if that viewpoint involves "saving" gay students through the Jesus or the Bible, then yea, the "separated from church" school actually can and SHOULD deny you a platform! What they are actually encouraging is for every student to support their Evangelical convictions, the likes of which say gays are "choosing" to live an "immoral lifestyle." That's not being an "ally, too"; it's adopting the sort of narrow viewpoint that makes GLSEN's own Ally Week such an unfortunate necessity!

They're well-financed. They're connected. They're a very real threat!

If you'd like more information on what it truly means to be an ally, you can check out GLSEN's Ally Week site at the link below. If you want to become the sort of "ally" that Exodus deems appropriate, then stop listening to every credible mental and physical health organization, ignore common sense, ignore the evidence you can cull from just opening your eyes and examining the similarities in gays and lesbians, and start dedicating your life to demonizing the gay community via a duplicitous campaign of false compassion.

Ally Week [GLSEN]

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