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Literal hurdle jumping with the folks who make us metaphorically do so

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 3-28On the season premiere of Spike TV's "MXC" show (formerly titled "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge"), a "Gay Rights" team will be pitted against a "Religious Right" team in a series of competitions. Not to be confused with our usual "gay rights vs. rights foes" tete-a-tete, in which we have our own daily field day with their duplicitous strategies and discriminatory games.

Where's our TV show?

According to a press release, three of the competitions on the show will be called "Sinkers and Floaters," "Dope on a Rope," and "Rotating Surfboard of Death." We expect the "Religious Right" team to do very well, just as long as "Separate Church and State," "Don't Force-Feed Your Moral Beliefs," or "Back Up Your Claims With Science, Reason, or Anything Other Than Religious Conviction" are not among the challenges.

Spike TV's 'MXC' Is Back for Season Five With the Most Shocking Matchups to Date! [Press Release via Yahoo! News]

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