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Some TN churches try and break up majority's game of Moral Monopoly

by Jeremy Hooper

State-Flag-Tennessee-1Presenting different religious imagery than typically comes from the Volunteer State, around 50 Tennessee clergy have signed a statement voicing their opposition to Amendment 1, the state's proposed same-sex marriage-banning measure. And while it's likely that over 11,050 Tennessee churches will make statements supporting only the idea of man-woman marriage, it is refreshing to hear that some in the Bible Belt refuse to buckle under that heavy load of gay antipathy.

It remains to be seen if the minority ministries will be able to convince enough residents to vote against the ban this November 7. While we're remaining hopeful, we do admittedly fear that sort of scenario won't come true unless the gay-friendly churches can, in the next thirteen days, somehow train pigs to become airborne creatures.

But even if amendment supporters win, that's okay. After all, it's a certainty that we on the side of equality will someday have the last flying snort laugh.

Some Tennessee Churches Opposed To Amendment 1 [AP via WTVF-TV]

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