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They consider our orientations an 'insult,' yet are shocked --SHOCKED -- when some of us take unkindly to them

by Jeremy Hooper

In a piece on the supposed "intimidation tactics" gay activists use against those who themselves dedicate much of their life to demonizing, demoralizing, marginalizing, and condemning the gay community, Focus on the Family's CitizenLink today contains this insightful passage:

In Wisconsin, proponents of traditional marriage find themselves the target of intimidation and harassment tactics utilized by their opponents, according to Julaine Appling, executive director of the Wisconsin Family Research Institute -- and a leader of the Vote Yes for Marriage campaign.

"What we should be debating here in Wisconsin," she said, "is: What does this amendment do? What will happen in if we don't put this amendment in place? What will Wisconsin look like if we give people who want to redefine marriage the opportunity to do so, by not putting the amendment in place?"

Instead, gay activists have used the press to make personal insults against Appling --
accusing her of everything from being a liar to being a lesbian.

Every "personal insult" from "a liar to a lesbian," huh? Wow, "values crowd" -- can't at all see why the gay community might feel a bit of antipathy for you guys' rehetoric! We can only imagine how insulted we'd be if people accused us of being everything from "a liar to a straight person." Ugh, the horror! I mean, the "liar" part we could probably deal with, but one assuming or insinuating that our sexual orientation is something other than what it is -- perish the thought!

::Writer rolls eyes so dramatically, he's sure some folks will accuse him of being everything from "sarcastic to an asshole"::

Ya see, the thing is, "pro-family" folks: If you want sympathy while dishing out your popular "gay folks are truly the intolerant one" claims, then don't further stigmatize us while making those claims! What we're fighting is the very idea that "lesbian" could ever be an insult! What you guys are fighting for is a world where "gay or lesbian" is considered everything from "lesser than to no longer!" So while we don't condone any true harassment coming from either community (especially when its directed at the person instead of the rhetoric), you have to at the very least understand WHY some in the gay community may be driven to rage when faced with the typical "pro-family" eloquence!

No matter if you'll admit it or not, you guys are the antagonists in this "culture war." In fact, you are the ones who declared it a "war" in the first place! Whereas we are saying "PLEASE STOP KEEPING US DISENFRANCHISED," the message you guys are sending out is: "THESE FOLKS OVER HERE -- YEA, LET'S STOP AT NOTHING TO KEEP THEM UNEQUAL!" So any "intimidation" or "harassment" you might face by taking the latter viewpoint is wholly inspired by the undeniable intimidation or harassment that your message has propagated for the gay community! Again, that's not to justify any true persecution that any of you may face personally; it's just to explain why some in our community may feel that they've been pushed one time to many, so they start pushing back!

"Pro-family" kids: The way we see it, the only way this sort of negativity could end is if you ended your campaigns to hurt us! Because the fundamental truth that you all conveniently overlook is that you ARE hurting us in real and powerful ways. You're quite good at covering your wounding ways behind a veil of false compassion, but that doesn't change the reality. So until you cut out the misguided antipathy and learn to embrace us as part of societal normalcy, you're going to encounter a few hot headed opponents who've been pushed over the edge! Just like the bully on the playground eventually pisses off the wrong geek, those of you who are taking away our rights are bound to occasionally face the same fate as the aforementioned lunch money-taker.

State Marriage Campaigns are Targets of Intimidation Tactics [FOF CitizenLink]

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