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We rant because fallacy makes us angry

by Jeremy Hooper

In a story that is essentially an advertisement for their new "Love Won Out" DVD, the folks at Focus on the Family's Citizenlink say of the "ex-gay" speakers featured on the gay change-adovcating film:

They each have been personally impacted in different ways by one of the most controversial issues of our time. Their stories of redemption and hope are light-years distant from the gay-activist rants the news media often echo without qualification.

A statement that is quite laughable when you consider that the only qualification the "ex-gay" movement uses to justify their "stories of redemption and hope" are religious-based testimonies, which detail a kind of metamorphosis that is unsupported by every credible mental and physical health association.

Or when you consider that the "ex-gay" movement is always fully intertwined with the same movements that want to ban gay rights in every way, shape, and marriage. It's not enough for these folks to just stop having same-sex sex; they always have to then stand politically against their former community. Is it that to stop sleeping with your own gender you have to become a staunch conservative? Or is it instead that the anti-gay political movements actually support, finance, and embolden the "ex-gay" notion so that they can create the illusion that gay is changeable, therefore justifying how they can "hate the sin, not the sinner."

Or when you consider the pure nuttiness of calling oneself "ex-gay" or "former homosexual." It's a false construct! Why would you ever identify yourself as what you once were, not what you currently are? This writer gave opposite sex relations the old college try. He's very glad he did this, as it quelled any doubt he had regarding his sexuality. But despite his feeling that these past dabblings in Heteroville make him highly qualified to unquestionably say that he's in love with a dude, he'd never be so bold as to identify as an "ex-straight." So why, if not for political reasons, does this movement use the identity of "ex-gay" or "former homosexual?"

Then you must factor in the countless folks who have left the "ex-gay" lifestyle, and whose stories paint a dark picture of a bizarre movement.

And you have to factor in such methodology as "man/man hugging" and "pillow beating":

Plus, you must consider that they repeatedly present the one study that seems to give credence to their claims in ways that go against the researcher's own findings and wishes.

Or consider that according to a recent Advocate magazine poll [Issue# 965, June 20], the "ex-gay" idea is refuted by 92% of the gay community. The jury is not still out for the vast majority of us!

Or you can just free your mind of political or religious bias and just listen to what your body tells you in order to realize how flawed the concept of sexual orientation morphing truly is! It's not to hard to see the true nature of human sexuality if you simply cull what you know about the human condition from sources other than Leviticus and Romans I.

But yea, you professional "ex-gays" are right! It's us, the ranting gay activists, who really need to qualify our postulations!

Love Won Out Testimonies Now on DVD [FOF CitizenLink]

**Also: ExGayWatch has recorded and responded to Alan Chambers' 10/9 appearance on NPR's "Fresh Air":

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