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Cipel video: Jim's jimmy interested me none

by Jeremy Hooper

Last night on CBS 2 News here in NYC, Golan Cipel, the man with whom Jim McGreevey alleged he cheated on his wife, gave an exclusive interview in which the former aide continued to deny that the two men had any sort of sexual relationship, consensual or otherwise:

Picture 1-38
(Click to Watch)

So is Cipel telling the truth, or is he simply embarrassed/ ashamed about how it all turned out and now trying to remove himself from the situation? Well, that we do not know. However, just like in most situations, we imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle...of the crotch.

It remains to be seen if McGreevey will take to NYC airwaves to rebut Cipel's new denials. Though we hear this one's...


...hoping for the exclusive interview.

World Exclusive: Former McGreevey Aide Speaks to CBS 2 [CBS 2]

***More: A Gawker reader says Golan the one who's being deceptive: Golan Cipel: A Little Bit Gay After All? [Gawker]

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