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'Ex-gay' denies gay love...again

by Jeremy Hooper

As they attempt to give some sort of validity to their widely discredited movement, the proponents of the "ex-gay" notion routinely demonize gay relationships. Creating the illusion that gay couples are vastly dissimilar from and lesser than straight couples is a cornerstone of their whole charade, with heterosexism informing their every word. They can't just rely on people believing that their newfound "heterosexuality" is real and joyous; they have to also thoroughly disparage their "former" lives as pained, unhappy, joyless, sin-filled existences.

It's as enraging as it is bizarre!

 Good As You Images AlancWell, ex-gay stalwart Alan Chambers (pic.) has once again taken this boldly offensive position, saying to Focus on the Family's CitizenLink:

"The people who are transgendered, the people who are in homosexuality, I would venture to say from personal experience that they’re not at peace," he said, "and that true love isn’t able to be found in those types of relationships."

Now, anyone who reads G-A-Y knows that we find the "ex-gay" movement to be a downright despicable and dangerous attempt at creating the illusion that homosexuality is a "choice." We also think the "pro-family" groups shamefully exploit the "ex-gay" movement in order to justify their anti-gay positions. After all, if they can foster the idea that gays can change, they can act that by challenging LGBT equality, they are merely "hating the sin, loving the sinner." We call the "ex-gay" movement a movement of "false compassion" because that's exactly what we think it is -- mean-spirited, unscientific, extremist, unsupported, dangerous ideas passed off behind a veil of self-declared morality.

That being said and working under the full disclosure that we think NOBODY WHO IS TRULY GAY CAN CHANGE their sexual orientation -- we don't disparage the love that these "ex-gay" proponents claim to share with their new significant others and families! Frankly, we don't give a rat's behind if a gay person claims to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex! We wish everyone happiness in love. Some people are bisexual, while some reject all labels that society has placed on sexuality. Others give gay relations "the old college try," and then realize through their experimentation that they never were gay to begin with! The point is -- we don't care about any of this! We only want people to follow their truths and live them TRUTHFULLY.

The problem we have with the "ex-gay" movement is that they can't just BE HAPPY WITH WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE! Instead, they have to identify themselves not as what they now claim to be (straight), but rather as former members of the community that they now decry (calling themselves "former homosexuals"). They act as if they're undercover operatives who once researched the "evils" of homosexuality, who are now obligated to sit around the campfire and regale anyone who will listen with stories of homo-centric hardship. Sitting back and enjoying their recently-embraced opposite sex lovin' would be far too...normal. Instead, they have to focus non-stop on the love and sex they used to have!

It's just odd.

This writer is not even going to directly address Mr. Chamber's claims that peace and love are impossibilities within gay relationships, because frankly they are too offensive to dignify. What does one even say to that? "This person who I would give my own life for and with whom I share everyone of life's precious moments -- yea, I promise I love him, Mr. Chambers!" To quote Angelina Jolie's character from the underrated film Playing By Heart: "Talking about love is like dancing about architecture." However, if you want to witness man/man love for yourself, you're more than welcome to come to my house for dinner any night that you're in NYC, Mr. C. Also, since I'm someone who dated and had physical relations with more than a few women before coming out of the proverbial closet, you can talk to any of those ladies for the anecdotal evidence of how when it came to opposite sex lovin', this writer never could...rise to the occasion. Many of them are on MySpace, and would likely talk to you if you're really interested.

But Mr. C., we do ask that you please try and refrain from demonizing the entire idea of gay love just because you yourself have chosen to no longer have it. It's not surprising that your life experience and religious convictions would not allow you to view same-sex relationships as a part of human normalcy, considering those same experiences and convictions ultimately led you to go where virtually no gay has gone before! However, our life experience and beliefs put us at total peace with who we are. And happily, our form of peace and love doesn't require us to even think about your bedroom activities!

Transgendered Soap-Opera Character Will Not Reflect Reality [CitizenLink]

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