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File this under 'final, fleeting moments of caring about McGreevey drama': Cipel claims Jimmy plays for both teams

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 6-34Saying he believes the former New Jersey governor's gay revelation was just "part of the spin," Golan Cipel (pic.), the man Jim McGreevey alleges was once his lover, last night told Larry King that he thinks McGreevey is actually bisexual. An excerpt from the interview:

CIPEL: I believe that Jim McGreevey is bisexual. But, Larry, can you imagine this dramatic press conference when James McGreevey's coming out and saying that the truth is, I'm proud to be a bisexual American.

KING: And he's got a gay lover now that he's...?

CIPEL: ... I don't know about that. I do believe that he is attractive to men, but Jim McGreevey was attracted to men. I would never believe that story.

Even after what -- even the second I knew his secret and what happened with me, he still spoke about heterosexual sex. He spoke about prostitutes. For example, you know, McGreevey, and he used to brag about it, said to me once that he after the visit to Auschwitz, the death camp in Auschwitz, brought prostitutes to the hotel. He and another aide had sex with prostitutes in the hotel.

He said the same thing about having sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Those were official visits. He had sex with prostitutes in New Jersey and denied it in certain points. And then in his book he said there was one prostitute, but he didn't know what to do with her, so he sent her to a vacation. That's a very poor excuse.

Something here is wrong. I mean, I think McGreevey had no choice. There was a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. He didn't know what to do. And his adviser told him come out first. If you come out first, you will be perceived as the victim. You control of the story. That's what he chose to do

Wow, these two really need to get their stories...straight!

So far McGreevey hasn't dignified Golan's claims. We hear he's trying to "pick which hole" in Golan's story he wants to sink his teeth into first.

'Larry King' Transcript --Interview With Golan Cipel [CNN]

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