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Headline in which no Dick is involved: Cheney has bun in the oven

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Picture-2-100-1Mary Cheney is reportedly pregnant. News to which her father's friends and co-workers were heard to respond:

"Hmm...We need to get her a gift, so should we give her some legislation to make it nearly impossible for her partner Heather to jointly adopt the child, or should we just go on various media outlets and talk about how her decision to raise a kid without a father is further proof of how the gays are destroying the family? It's just that I'm not sure how much political capital I want to spend on her, especially this close to the holidays! Hmm...maybe some of us can chip in together and get the parents-to-be banned from even thinking about marriage. ::sigh:: So many options!"

The baby is scheduled to arrive in late spring. The child's first words of "So, wait -- you're seriously a Republican?" should arrive about a year later.

Mary Cheney and Partner Are About to Be Moms [WaPo/ Reliable Sources]

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