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Ruling: Mass high court to let lawmakers think for selves

by Jeremy Hooper

Massachusetts Flag1Shooting down our opposition's attempts for now, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that they do not have the authority to force the legislature to vote on a constitutional amendment banning the state's currently legal practice of gay marriage.

So far there's been no response from the man who so vocally brought this issue to the court, outgoing governor Mitt Romney. However, we did just hear screams of, "Sh*t, how the hell am I going to shore up conservatives and nab the GOP presidential nomination if I can't do something drastically anti-gay to appease them?" coming from the general direction of Boston.

Court won't force gay marriage vote [AP via Yahoo! News]

*It should be noted that the court did rule that the legislature is defying the constitution if they refuse to vote on the amendment, but that they simply don't have the power to force lawmakers to act. So while it's good news that they won't intervene, the court certainly gave our opponents fuel to further attack lawmakers.

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