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Video: 'Cold Case', hot kiss

by Jeremy Hooper

Never have we received more IMs and emails than we did yesterday in response to Sunday's Brokeback Mountain-esque "Cold Case" episode. Everyone wanted to see a clip of the episode's male-male smooching, yet nary a clip could we find. Fortunately an industrious YouTuber has today filled the void by uploading the pertinent scenes for public consumption (at least until CBS demands the video be taken down):

Wow! In the span of two minutes we might've just seen more same-sex lovin' than we did in eight years of "Will & Grace." Bravo CBS! You're starting to look..well, like Bravo!

the kiss [YouTube]

**For more on this "Cold Case" episode, Michael Jensen over at AfterElton's Best.Gay.Day.Ever has a complete breakdown.

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