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Video: 'Unions' are simply an uncivil option

by Jeremy Hooper

From New Jersey's Garden State Equality, a piece on why civil unions are an inadequate way to initiate equal marriage rights for same-sex couples:

Though if gay couples need further proof as to why civil unions are an offensive option, they can just view the footage from any of their family members' heterosexual weddings and consider the fact their love is not afforded the exact same respect as their straight peers. For until our Uncle Louie and Aunt Susie can look into the camera and seamlessly wish us a happy wedding day without pausing to find an alternate, not-quite-marriage-implying word, the fight for full equality will remain alive and well. And we'll fight not only because we desperately want to get married, but also because we're sick and tired of living in the kind of gay-demonizing, heterosexist society that finds it appropriate to even suggest something as "separate but equal" as a civil unions system.

Jersey lawmakers -- you've been handed an opportunity to free your state's gays from the burden of fighting this fight and to let them resume their lives. Do what's truly right and civil -- give 'em full marriage.

Civil Unions Don't Work [YouTube]

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