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AFA guns for more 'Dirt'ty sponsors

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Picture-10-22Expanding their antipathy for the FX show "Dirt" for showing, among other things, two men getting intimate, the folks at the American Family Association are now directing followers to contact show sponsors Geico and Combe, Inc., to ask the companies to drop their advertising support for the program.

As you can tell, show producers are simply shaking in their boots...

Picture 11-19

And they should be trembling in fear, too! After all, if a show that depicts a high-powered editor of an L.A. gossip rag and her back-stabbing, social-climbing, entertainment industry friends can't capture the "pro-family" Evangelical audience, then it's gonna be totally f***ed in the ratings! Everyone knows that for the young urban hipster, it's either Fox News or "Seventh Heaven," or else they simply shut off the TV and read a book.

Geico and Combe repeat sponsors of FX's 'Dirt' [AFA's One Million Dads]

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