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Barber on SOTU: Where was the 'gays should stop schtupping' part?

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Img4297E7C83Ba21 1-1-1In a piece in which he criticizes the president for addressing in his SOTU speech the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa yet not addressing the problem here at home, the Concerned Women For America's Matt Barber takes the opportunity to condemn gays and liberals in the process. Barber surmises:

Leftist logic: "What? Stop indulging in disordered, promiscuous, and random 'gay' sex? No need. Here's a condom …. But always practice 'safe-sex' or you might die…" - goes the obtuse liberal mantra.

And so rather than encouraging those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle to begin the admittedly difficult process of escape - which thousands of former homosexuals have successfully done - liberals prefer the nihilistic approach; one in which there are absolutely no absolutes, and in which all morality rests entirely in the eye of the beholder.

Instead of considering a homosexual's best interests, and discouraging both spiritually and physically destructive behavior, the left scandalously encourages him to walk a paper thin latex tightrope, risking up to a one in three chance that he might plunge to his death (studies have consistently established from between a 15 to 30 percent condom failure rate in protecting against HIV/AIDS and other STDs).

Therefore, in order to show compassion - real compassion - and in order to effectively combat our own AIDS epidemic, which continues to needlessly destroy the lives of so many of God's children struggling with same-sex attractions and behaviors - perhaps it's time the left stop enabling, encouraging and promoting those attractions and behaviors. Perhaps it's time for liberals to finally admit that political correctness is not only ridiculous and counterintuitive; but that in far too many cases, political correctness can be a real killer.

Ah, that's the good Christian thing to do -- condemn the community that has been so drastically affected by the disease, not the disease itself. So we guess Mr. Barber will next condemn heterosexuals in Africa, as they make up the vast majority of HIV/AIDS cases on that continent. After all, they must need to change their inner sexual truths as well, as clearly they are transmitting far too much of the AIDS for their sex practices to be "normal."


The thing is, no responsible gay activist denies that HIV/AIDS is a problem within the gay community. It would be ignorant to do so. However, we also know that gay sex is not the killer -- AIDS is! it somehow entered our community for reasons unknown to anyone at this point. Had it entered the heterosexual population in those early days rather than the homosexual population, the conversation would be completely different today. Or more likely, the conversation would be OVER today, as folks like President Reagan would've spoken up about the impending national crisis earlier than six years after if was initially discovered. But just as Mr. Barber is still doing more than 25 years after the disease's discovery, far too many of those "good, non-stone throwing Christians" circa 1981 were instead choosing to paint the disease as "God's judgement," not as a new and terrifying plague that has somehow reared its ugly head.

The reality is that HIV/AIDS is a problem we all face and all must work together to eradicate. It is so outrageously disgusting how our opposition has used the disease for their own purposes, as if its some sort of coup for their gay-demonizing side! Mr. Barber is just the latest in a long of social conservatives to try and paint condoms as ineffective, gays as specifically targeted, and liberal attempts to confront the plague as short-sighted. But the reality is that their refusal to acknowledge life's reality is the truly short-sighted concept in play! Instead of prevention and awareness of the actual problems that the disease presents, these "pro-family" folks also ignore that some people are simply going to have same-sex relations because they're designed to do so. But "political correctness" is not what would cause some of these same-sex-loving individuals to engage in behavior that would put them at a high risk; it is the idea that they are cursed and doomed because of who they are that will!

It's also enraging that the same folks who are so staunchly opposed to gay marriage (which would undeniably encourage gay monogamy) see no connection between the stigmatization they put out into the ether and the AIDS problem. If folks like Mr. Barber would help us create a world where gay kids are free to come into their own and love and date in the same ways as their heterosexual peers, then they could actually play a dramatic role in the HIV/AIDS fight. But instead, they will continue to present the idea that gays live on a plane of unacceptable immorality, forcing far too many to internalize this message and proceed to live and love in risky ways, as if it's their fate. We're not afraid to say it: There is undeniably some blood on the hands of the "morally righteous"!

Eradicating AIDS and eradicating homophobia have become intertwined concepts not because gays are to "blame" for AIDS. The concepts are intertwined because folks like Mr. Barber let their fervent embrace of the latter inform and shape their reaction to the former.

The State of AIDS in the Union [CWA]

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Your thoughts

"It's also enraging that the same folks who are so staunchly opposed to gay marriage (which would undeniably encourage gay monogamy) see no connection between the stigmatization they put out into the ether and the AIDS problem."

You really hit the nail on the head here. Mr. Barber, (and countless others,) continue to paint a homosexual identity as being equal to what they call the "homosexual lifestyle," (i.e. destructive and unsafe sexual practices.) As you and I both know, these behaviors are not the norm for the majority of homosexuals, just like they are not the norm for heterosexuals.

Claiming that homosexuality is dangerous is preposterous. Actions are dangerous, not sexual identities. If Mr. Barber and others who agree with him want to fight HIV/AIDS by trying to stamp out promiscuity or other actions, let them do so. But HIV does not care whether the parties are of the same-sex or not, so why does Mr. Barber? If there are aspects of the gay "culture" or "lifestyle" which he feels promote dangerous actions, let him speak out about those aspects specifically.

Most of all, if aspect of the percieved "homosexual lifestyle" which they see as most destructive and rampant is promiscuity, then they most stop the fight against our legalized monogamy. It makes no sense to critize us for, as Mr. Barber puts it "indulging in disordered, promiscuous, and random 'gay' sex" while discouraging us from entering into long term relationships. I hate to say it Mr. Barber, but you're what the Greek call an "oxymoron."

Posted by: Scott Olson | Jan 30, 2007 5:05:25 PM

Is there any actual truth to that fifteen to thirty percent stat he's quoting? I was just curious if anybody knew.

Posted by: Ferin | Jan 30, 2007 7:07:39 PM

Well, some people are born clueless and will remain that way until they take their last breath. It would seem that such may be the case for Mr. Barber. Here I am, a different Barber & I'm writing because I caught most of a program on you late last night. I live in the San Francisco area and was prepared to find you and hug you if you lived there, too. But, you're in NYC so you'll need to accept my cyber-hugs.
I have just a couple of comments: I'm so sorry you have such a ca-luu-less family. I know you've heard this before, but it truly is their loss not to have you and accept you as you are in their lives. I decided I've adopted you in my heart and will always pull for you and the truth you represent. You are being you. We should all be so noble as to understand we are here to live in the light of our truth and not be judged for doing so. Too bad there are minds too narrow to get that.
Which leads me to the subject of gay marriage: Paleese! Somebody give me a break! What kind of country are we that we would say what two adults in love may or may not do to honor their union of love. It's so insane, I can't even comprehend the mind that thinks that s/he may say what can or cannot be done by those two in love. I don't understand why this is even an issue.
Lastly, regarding HIV/AIDS, I lost my best friend to AIDS on April 20th, 1993 and I don't think I'll ever stop missing him. I normally don't dredge up the past, but I contend that if one of Reagan's kids had HIV/AIDS, we'd have a cure by now. The only reason I bring this up is because we need to be vigilant in our support of candidates on both a local and national level that will do what needs to be done to work towards eradicating this killer. I’m sure this has been addressed on this site before, but we truly need to remember this.
In the mean time, thank you for being you. You make this a better world.

Rita Deo Barber
Excellence is not about IQ
Excellence is about I CARE!
~ Rita

Posted by: A Different Barber | Feb 2, 2007 5:24:55 PM

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