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Come back, Jimmy D: McCain hopes to win Dobson's heart

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 12-14Responding to James Dobson's comment that he "would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances," presidential hopeful McCain (pic.) said today (as quoted by the AP):

"I'm obviously disappointed and I'd like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community"..."I'm happy to say that I've established a dialogue with a number of other leaders"

But will the not-in-favor-of-gay marriage candidate ever be able to reach common ground with the REALLY-not-in-favor-of-gay marriage Focus on the Family head? Honestly -- considering our desire to see either of these two reach their stated political goals is quite possibly less than our desire to ever again see a paparazzi photo of Paris Hilton's vajayjay, we really couldn't care less whether the two ever "dialogue" or not. But should they ever enter into a discussion, we would like to submit two questions for them to mull:

"Whose civil rights legacy do you think will be remembered more unkindly -- the extremist who headed a national organization that focuses day and night on demonizing and "converting" gays, or the moderate who squandered his opportunity to stand up for equality and fairness? And is there any hope that either of you will every change your positions and save yourself from the cruel fate that comes with standing on the wrong side of a rights battle?"

And please, kids -- no soundbite-ready, handler-crafter answers. If you want to deny humans like us from marrying the humans we truly love, then start talking to us like you too are a member of the human race, not the robotic one.

McCain says he hopes to make amends with Dobson [KansasCity.com]

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