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Don't put your dancing shoes on yet, Mr. C

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking to WorldNetDaily about yesterday's vote to advance an amendment banning same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, Brian Camenker of MassResistance says:

"The gays certainly acted as if they lost," Camenker told WND. "This took everybody by surprise. I don't think there was a single person who thought they were not going to pull some kind of trick. But I guess there was enough pressure put on them … that they voted."
"It's a huge victory for the pro-family movement, and a huge defeat for the homosexual movement," he said. "They put enormous amounts of money – $1 million according to their own claims – to get the right people elected in the state House," he said.

But here's the thing -- the "pro-family" side only got 61 votes in favor of the amendment! (see roll calls) When you compare that to the whopping 132 "no" votes from lawmakers opposed to the nonsense, it's hard to view this as a victory for the "pro-family" team. Yes, they were able to advance their baseless, biased bullsh*t, but they did so with only around one-third of the legislature's support! So while we're pissed that we're having to even deal with this unnecessary, discriminatory nonsense in the first place, we're thinking Mr. Camenker needs to cool his jets in terms of calling this a "huge victory" for his side and a "huge defeat" for us.

Mr. Camenker, if this potential blight on Massachusetts history makes it through another ConCon vote and finds a home on the 2008 ballot, then you can rejoice a little more. If Bay State voters approve the measure in the '08 elections, you guys can have a full-out "pro-family" soiree, where your followers can literally drink your biased Kool-Aid. But for now, you guys just got lucky due to a convenient-for-your-side Mass. legislative procedure in which a small minority can advance a measure.

Besides, when you're on the wrong side of history (which you most certainly are, Mr. Camenker), your "victories" will always be short-lived.

Massachusetts marriage amendment advances [WND]

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