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Activist with dual-gendered name (Linda Harvey) attacks trans students

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Docs Harvey-1-2In regards to anti-bullying measures focused on transgender students that are being proposed in Massachusetts, the extremely anti-gay Linda Harvey (pic.) shared the following exchange with MassResistance's Amy Mann-Contrada over the weekend:

HARVEY: ...You talk about transgender, I mean, kids are, of course, kids get teased and kids do tease, on all of these really difficult and controversial issues because they're immature. They're kids! This is why none of this stuff belongs in the school. It's like's bringing a time bomb into the school and the when it explodes, the activists say, 'See, we told you. It explodes and kids are acting badly." Yea, kids are going to act badly when you give them stuff they are just totally unequipped to deal with. And transgender, my goodness! Who is not going to -- I mean, the reaction for most people is repulsion from that, as well as homosexuality. You can handle that reaction in better and worse ways, and we hope kids don't handle it in bad ways, but repulsion is a natural defense against something that is absolutely wrong for you and nonsense. So, they're playing on just what the reaction is gonna be by a lot of people.

CONTRADA: So if you've got a middle school boy and he sees another boy his age wearing fingernail polish and he has a natural reaction to it, this kid will now be hauled down to the principal's office and sent home

HARVEY: Right, it's not to justify, you don't slam the kid in the locker and say 'Hey, they shouldn't be allowed to do that' No. But if the person snickers or pokes his buddy, does that mean everybody has to be subjected to this therapy? I mean, school does not need to be therapy, school needs to be academic subjects. And all of this stuff is way, way beyond kids and it's opening them up to very dangerous and high risk behavior.

So lest ye be confused: Ms. Harvey doesn't want the sort of "repulsion" for gays and transgender individuals that leads to locker-slamming violence; she merely seeks the sort of "inevitable" repulsion that leads to, at most, an un-punishable mock and snicker. Now, naysayers may say that any and all repulsion encouragement creates the sort of climate wherein LGBT antipathy can and does sometimes turn violent. However, those naysayers would be completely and utterly...correct.

Also, by "repulsion is a natural defense" towards the LGBT community, Ms. Harvey of course means this in the completely unnatural and learned way that anti-gay bias has entered into our society. But hey, who can blame her for trying to paint homo-hostility as an instinctual human reaction? It just sounds so much nicer than: "I chose to let my narrow views on normalcy bring my heart and mind to an unfortunately discriminatory place of contempt for LGBT folks, the likes of whom tangibly, realistically exist in this diverse world."

To hear more of Harvey's appearance on MassResistance radio, click the link below. Though we must warn you: If attempts to stop school bullying sound to you like a no-brainer, then the following audio will come across to you as just as equally mindless:

Feb 10/11- PFLAG: the latest homosexual assault on the public schools (above comments come about 15 minutes in) [MassResistance]

***Oh, and be sure to listen around the 19 minute mark, where you can hear this gem:

"You know, wife-beating is reality too. So is barfing. There's lots of stuff that's reality that we don't need to dwell on"

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Your thoughts

Wife beating is a reality that doesn't need to be dwelt upon?!?!?!?!? Holy crap, is this woman serious? No wonder she's idiotic about other things, as well... In any relationship, violence and abuse is intolerable - especially so when it's a significantly larger and stronger partner beating up on a significantly smaller and weaker (as in 99% of wife-beating cases). Intolerable injustices should be acted upon - to remove them.

Does she realise how big an argument *for* our side it is for her to equate lgbt bullying with wife beating? Both are intolerable, and both should be minimized to the fullest extent physically possible.

Posted by: | Feb 13, 2007 4:17:07 PM

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