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CBN reporter: Giuliani's no fan of log cabins

by Jeremy Hooper

Have you ever been to a party where it feels like a large portion of the guests don't want you there? Like when you head to the cheese platter to grab some brie, you can actually hear some of the most vocal attendees whispering about you and your life under their breath. And when you go to grab a nice glass of Pinot from the make-shift bar, you actually see some of the party's biggest supporter's physically move away from you as if you have cooties. You know that feeling? Well, unfortunately we imagine it is how our friends at the Log Cabin Republicans must feel far too often!

This from The Christian Broadcasting Network's Capitol Hill correspondent, David Brody:

Please go away!

Whether you agree with them or not, the Log Cabin Republicans are going to be busy during the upcoming 2008 Presidential election. The group is made up of gay Republicans and are already talking about two of the candidates.

On Rudy Giuliani, James Vaughn, the executive director recently said:

He has always been openly supportive of the gay agenda and won't apologize...As mayor, Rudy backed domestic partnerships and appointed openly gay people to city positions."

The Giuliani camp would like nothing better than Vaughn and his group to go away. For Giuliani to survive the Republican primaries, they don't need supportive statements from the Log Cabin Republicans. I'm sure that plays real well with conservatives across the country (sarcasm).

Because, of course, for folks like Mr. Brody, not only is the GOP a small, narrowly defined tent, but it's also one in which a "No fruity stuff allowed" sign is posted on the exterior. After all, the party may have some Goldwater and Lincoln-esque thinkers in its midst, but it is the Reaganite masses who would still seem to rule the roost.

So we say to our Log Cabin pals: As we gear up for 2008, we're very optimistic about the Democratic field. While we would never be so bold as to try and pull you away from your political affiliation, we do want you to know that you are welcome at our party if you can make it. No need to even RSVP; you can just show up! We're just throwing out there, in case you decide you might want to come pin your own tail on the...

 Images Donkey

...donkey. Think it over.

Please go away! [The Brody File/CBN]

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Your thoughts

Why are we optimistic about the Democratic field? The two leading Democratic contenders neither one supports gay marriage.

Posted by: dave31175 | Feb 14, 2007 12:57:57 PM

Dave31175: Because I would argue that "publicly" and "yet" belong in the "neither one supports gay marriage" part of your sentence.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 14, 2007 1:02:37 PM

Besides, "doesn't support" doesn't mean "opposes". The Dems do have an outstanding field for 2008.

Posted by: Michael | Feb 14, 2007 2:12:05 PM

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