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Gays are part of life -- just DEAL!

by Jeremy Hooper

This genius commentary is posted today on the website of the Des Moines Register:

Choose to be gay in the closet, please

Regarding Jim Ketchum's Feb. 10 column ("Rev. Haggard 'Cured' of his Homosexuality"): I am tired of all the talk of homosexuality being "normal" and that it's not a choice. Everything in life is a choice. I may get angry at a co-worker and want to kill him, but I choose not to. If I see someone drop something of value and decide to claim it as my own, that would be a choice. See where this is going?

I am tired of the media, Hollywood and gay-rights groups wanting my young children to grow up thinking that if they wish to be gay, it's OK. It's not OK if you believe in God and his word at all. God is pretty straightforward with his thoughts of homosexuality.

I'll make you all a deal. Go back in the closet where I won't have to explain to my children why those two men are kissing on the news or that prime-time comedy, and I'll go back to not being fed up with it.

- Scott Grothe,

And Mr. Grothe of course got the idea for his thoughts from that hit game show:


You remember that episode, right? It's the one that went something like:

Deal: Mr. Grothe, you stop ignoring the reality of the world and realize that homosexuality is and has always been part of the spectrum of normalcy, and start raising your kids to accept rather than to discriminate.

Ridiculous & Offensive Deal: Gays, you choose to not be gay in the same manner that I choose to not kill my co-worker or steal something that is not my own, and I'll stop giving you shit about how detached from God I perceive you to be.

Obviously a no-brainer! Because ya see, Mr Grothe, the "choice" is not ours -- it's yours! Our case...


...was open and shut long ago.

Choose to be gay in the closet, please [Des Moines Register]

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Your thoughts

The fact that he thinks it's an obvious train of logic to anyone who "believes in God and His word" would seem (to an outsider with no prior knowledge of, nor emotional attatchements to religion) to be a wonderful argument for the prevention of indoctrinating young children in this harmful collection of fairy tales.

I know he has a right to believe his fairy tales, and I'm not trying to take it away from him. However, his trying to use these fictional stories to run the lives of others is beyond rude - it's insane.

Posted by: | Feb 20, 2007 2:18:31 PM

If I'm out, I'm gay.
If I'm in the closet, I'm still gay.

If I kill someone, I am a killer.
If I choose not to kill someone, I am... hmm... not a killer.

Analogy does not follow. Perhaps someone needs to recheck their logic, and what it's based on.

Posted by: Shnugi | Feb 20, 2007 5:36:59 PM

"Everything in life is a choice."

Does he choose to breathe? Or to get hungry? When did he choose to be straight? Or to be a fool, for that matter?

Posted by: John C | Feb 21, 2007 9:29:15 AM

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