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This person's so 'meen'

by Jeremy Hooper

This was sent to us by our friends at "In The Life":

Gay and lesbians are going to hell.... Take your show off the air, as i was channel surfing one night i noticed 2 gay guys kissing. The split second i saw this it made me want to puke my fucking guts out. I meen (sic) what the fuck are you people thinking little kids could of seen those faggots kissing. Shit the last thing i want little kids thinking its ok to do that bullshit. I meen (sic) really people why dont (sic) you fuckers just accept being gay is wrong. 2 very strong reosons (sic) is that gay people can not (sic) reproduce and if it was god would of allowed it. Also no other animales (sic) have sex with the same sex. Ok enough said do us all a favor and fuckign (sic) keep your gay shit to your selves. i meen (sic) fuck all i see know a days is to ugly ass dikes (sic) on t.v. fucking complaining about how they are treated unfairly, well if they acted normal theyd (sic) e (sic) treated normal. Fuck well im (sic) goign (sic) to go throw up my dinner now writing about faggots is makeing (sic) me sick... please respond and post it on your show. itll (sic) be a blast!

::sigh:: When are the educated Ivy League types going to stop with their mean-spirited diatribes. Honestly, Harvard grads -- have you no shame?

We've contacted this individual to see if they'd like to unwittingly give us more "reosons" why shows like "In The Life" are so vitally important. We'll post the response as soon as we get it, as it is sure to bee (sic).

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Your thoughts

It's kind of a power rush--knowing that I can personally cause people to vomit, write emails riddled with misspellings, and vote Republican simply by virtue of my existence. It's like being a superhero: we have the ability to cloud men's spelling capacities, and to make men's stomachs clench in disgust!

Posted by: Katter | Feb 21, 2007 11:32:52 AM

Funny he felt compelled to check out your website, and contact you. He obviously watched for a bit longer than a few seconds.

Posted by: Daimeon | Feb 21, 2007 1:11:39 PM

In the words of Donna Summers "If there's a cure for this...I don't want it" Get real Mr. Vomitface.We must always consider the source and since this sounds like a bad source...What is there to consider?

Posted by: Roderique | Feb 22, 2007 5:24:18 AM

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