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When ballers give you homophobia, make jokes about their last name

by Jeremy Hooper

By now you've probably heard lots about the homophobic Tim Hardaway situation from many other media outlets. Leave it to us, however, to find the one angle you probably haven't heard.

In a G-A-Y exclusive, we have learned that some of the more extreme proponents of the "ex-gay" movement are desperately hoping to give the retired NBA player his own talk show, which will be titled:


The tag line for the new show? Nothing but Het! First segment: How to play "man-on-man defense" both on and off the court.

Remember, kids -- you heard it here first!

'Homophobic' Hardaway says he hates 'gay people' [G-A-Y]

***Note: We are not implying that the vast majority of "ex-gay" proponents "hate" gay people in any way, as we in no way believe that. But "Hard Away" -- come on, we couldn't let that one go!

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Your thoughts

All I can add is that Tim & Isaiah are both hypocrites:


Posted by: Luk | Feb 16, 2007 3:33:56 AM

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