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AFA updates on anti-boy/boycott

by Jeremy Hooper

This just came to us in the form of an American Family Association Action Alert:

Ford dropping public support for the homosexual agenda?

It appears that Ford Motor Company, in response to AFA's boycott, is silently dropping public support for the homosexual agenda. Here's why.

For years, Ford has advertised in the homosexual publications OUT and The Advocate. Since January Ford has not had any advertising in the magazines. In addition, Ford no longer sponsors the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards, which they have sponsored for years.

When we looked at all the other homosexual events Ford has sponsored in the past, Ford was nowhere to be found.

The homosexual groups have remained silent about Ford's moves, fearful that other companies may follow Ford's lead. Since the boycott began, not a single homosexual group has publicly supported Ford.

However, it could be that the homosexual groups have agreed to be treated as second-class citizens by Ford, continuing to get money from Ford but agreeing not to publicly acknowledge Ford's support.

In February, Ford's sales dropped 13.5% compared to a year ago. Ford's sales have consistently gone down since the boycott began.

But now is not the time to back off! Now is the time to support the boycott even more. Other companies are watching Ford to see if the boycott is successful. That is why we need to give it another boost!

Okay, first off -- They haven't advertised in these magazines since January? Wow, two whole months!? We guess that really does negate the huge campaign they ran in all of the gay mags well after the boycott began. Or the numerous Volvo ads you can find if you thumb through any of your back issues of the Advocate (among other pubs). But leave it to the AFA to just jump to the conclusion that a lapse in campaigning from a company that is publicly, financially struggling would be indicative of an issue-oriented policy shift.

Secondly -- gay groups have had no REASON to either applaud or denounce Ford since the AFA officially began its little boycott almost a year ago to the day. When the whole question of Ford's gay commitment was initially raised back in December of '05, the company ultimately pledged to commit itself to inclusion as it always had and to advertise in ways that its fiscal realities would allow, a commitment that was applauded by all of the LGBT organizations (and condemned by all of the "pro-family" groups, thus the initiation of the boycott). But since that time, there has been no real reason to give the company a GLAAD Award or hold a gay parade in their honor. There's also been nary a reason to think that they were being insincere in their pledge to diversity. It is only groups like the AFA who are monitoring and reading into their every vaguely queer move, as if each and every practice speaks volumes about the company's inner workings!

Let's see, what's next? Oh yea, the "second class citizen" claim. Uhm, yea, do us a favor AFA -- since you guys are working day and night to keep up viewed as second class citizens, please do not ever imply that such is a role that we would ever willingly play! If Ford was sponsoring gay events on the DL, who the hell could blame them?! Hell, if they even fart in a gay-friendly manner, you guys are on their ass faster than one can say "anti-lock brakes!" But why would accepting those funds from a company whose fearful of extremist backlash make us, the recipients, "second class citizens?" It's instead the unwavering crosshairs that you guys have placed on their righteous motives that make you "first class homophobes!" That being said, you have absolutely no evidence that Ford is funneling money to the nations groups in such a manner. However, you guys always like to make it look like something shifty is going on behind the scenes so as to make your opposition look shady and yourselves look so much more noble. Blech.

The truth is Ford's sales have been going down for quite some time, which is truly sad for everyone. And while the AFA loves to take credit for this, the company has issues far greater than fringe extremism with which to deal. But the AFA is so hellbent on making it look as if their operations are fruitful and their voice strong that they will stop at nothing to paint themselves as bulldogs who can make any of the nation's corporations snap under the pressure of their queer-unfriendly thumb. They think the company is supporting gays too much -- BOYCOTT 'EM! They think the company has dropped support for the gays -- BOYCOTT 'EM EVEN MORE STRONGLY T O TEACH OTHER COMPANIES A LESSON! But AFA -- we call your bluff! This latest missive is just an attempt to draw attention to your tired, going nowhere effort on its one year anniversary. You do not have the power that you think you do, because the vast majority of the nation's board rooms realize that America at large is not the gay-hating land that you guys wish it was. Most decent companies realize the power of the gay dollar as well as the power of positive social policies. You kids will always lose out in the end with these boycotts (just like you did with Disney, Kraft, and others) because you are fighting for an ignoble, immoral, unrighteous cause.

Ford dropping public support for the homosexual agenda? [AFA Email (uploaded to our own server)]

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Your thoughts

Thanks s much for your excellent Blog! I'm a proud PFLAGer and am SO proud of Ford, GM, CitiGroup, Dow and other major Fortune 500 companies who lend PFLAG their support. When I'm thinking of making a major purchase, that PFLAG endorsement springs to mind and means so much to me. I only hope that other supporters of GLBT equality think similarly. As someone who refuses to shop at Wal-Mart after their recent & revolting about-face on supporting GLBT organizations, I think its time corporate America wake up and pay attention!

Posted by: Phil | Jul 26, 2007 9:58:17 PM

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