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Coach who allegedly shunned 'out' players, now out herself

by Jeremy Hooper

 Images Coaches Portland, Rene P 05Rene Portland, the Penn State women's basketball coach who allegedly had a "no lesbian" policy for her team and who was recently sued by a former player for discrimination, has resigned from her position at the head of the Lady Lions.

No word on what Portland will do now that her 27-year tenure with the team has come to an end. Somehow, however, we can't imagine that athletic director for Olivia cruises is in the cards.

Rene Portland resigns as Penn State basketball coach [AP via Tuscaloosa News]

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I wonder if personal denial plays into why she is so hard on lesbians? Your headline had be hoping

Posted by: ~Dawn | Mar 22, 2007 5:51:13 PM

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