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Fitting topic for them, as they do wish to 'lick the whole' of the gay movement

by Jeremy Hooper

**ED NOTE, 8PM: Americans For Truth has now pulled the post that we talk about below. Fortunately, we clipped a partial copy of it before it was pulled.

When it comes to whacked out "pro-family" headlines, this one from Americans For Truth's Sonja Dalton just might take the (chocolate fudge) cake:

Picture 16-6

Tossed SaladYes, our buddies at AFT are today discussing oral-anal stimulation, which they refer to as "a revolting homosexual act that most heterosexuals have never heard of, but which is commonplace among 'gay' men." Ms. Dalton writes of the act:

"Hygienically speaking, one would do as well, or perhaps better, to lick the toilet seat. The Bible warns that when men commit indecent acts with other men, they will receive in their bodies the due penalty for their perversion. β€œHe who sins sexually sins against his own body.β€œ Nature (meticulously designed by Jehovah God) rebukes the human body when it strays from what is natural and morally right β€” sometimes with disease, sometimes with emotional anguish. Our bodies bear witness to the Truth; how can we remain confused?"

Now, these comments of course completely overlook the fact that the sexual practice is in no way confined to the gay community (link NSFW). But then again, they're not trying to make heterosexuals look like perverted, sex-crazed freaks.

They also inject their personal biases into what is and is not a "sinful" act, culled from their one-sided interpretations of selected Biblical passages. But then again, why look at the Bible as a whole, complex book worthy of deeper analysis, when you can just dedicate your life to selective analysis of certain "clobber passage?"

They also paint disease and emotional anguish as givens for those who engage in such behaviors. But then again, they just love to point to AIDS' early onset in the gay community and the emotional anguish that often stems from non-acceptance as if gays are deserved of both. And what's more Christian than that?

And finally, Ms. Dalton says, "Our bodies bear witness to the Truth; how can we remain confused?" as if to suggest that STDs or issues that can arise in our bodies from sex are do to a higher power's disdain. But then again, why acknowledge the countless gay couples who, like heterosexual couples, enjoy healthy, emotionally fulfilling, monogamous sex lives that are rife with neither disease or heartache? Ms. Dalton, if you'd like to meet such a couple, my partner and I would love to have you over for dinner. We'll even let you toss the salad!

The Self-Evident Immorality of Rimming [AFT]

**Oh, and we in no way mean to imply that the only way to have a healthy, emotionally fulfilling gay sex life is through monogamy. It's just that such couplings are the ones that most often go unacknowledged by folks like Ms. Dalton.

**Also: This is an alternate image that we considered:


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Your thoughts

"Hygienically speaking, one would do as well, or perhaps better, to lick the toilet seat."

Why not cut to the chase and just accuse us of that?

Posted by: Emproph | Mar 21, 2007 8:00:44 PM

Damn. They have to feel pretty desperate if they feel they have to go there.

As a girl in a mixed sex relationship I'd like to confirm, just in case that was necessary, that the activity described is neither extremely offensive, nor homosexual in nature. It's quite nice, actually.

Posted by: Willie Hewes | Mar 22, 2007 7:34:07 AM

How long befor we can flush AFT's constant runtelldats?
At this point, they are conveying something that most people aren't too concerned about. I mean REALLY, why ARE they assuming that heterosexuals are so intensely interested in every aspect of gay sex, yet accuse the gay community of forcing their sex lives on unwilling straight people.
You know, like pecking each other on the cheek at an IHOP.
An offense that can get you kicked out apparently.

So if straight people REALLY don't want to know what's going on in a gay couple's bedroom, then why is AFT so eager to provide EXACTLY what they think their audience wants to read?

Wish they'd get a life and deal with more pressing issues, like gang violence that murders more innocents on our streets than the casualities of the war in Iraq.

Given other urgencies in our society. Very EXPENSIVE urgencies, I might add, their preoccupation is literally...perverse.

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Mar 22, 2007 10:08:00 AM

Anita Bryant launched similar erotophobic grenades during her successful campaign to overturn Miami's gay rights ordinance in 1977, which radicalized the Xtian Right Wing. She said that one of the reasons gay men are so evil is because they "eat the seed of life" which, in addition to implying that straight women don't also perform fellatio, was probably some attempt to formally link the antigay movement with the anti abortion movement. While the groups remain linked at their primordial tails, their general discomfort in discussing sex undercut such an explicit connection. Nevertheless, remember that any sex act that could not lead to procreation, including masturbation, is still officially forbidden by the Catholic church. There remains a debate about whether the Biblical story about God killing Onan for spilling his seed upon the ground was for masturbation or coitus interruptus, yet Onanism remains an archaic synonym for masturbation. Now about those monogrammed cum towels....

Posted by: Michael | Mar 22, 2007 1:41:04 PM

With the page having been removed by AFTAH so quickly, I can only surmise that the information presented by LaBabs was drawn from discredited Paul Cameron. If that is the case, LaBabs is really scraping the bottom of the toilet.

Posted by: Catafalque | Mar 24, 2007 11:33:08 PM


Posted by: extercity | Aug 19, 2007 9:18:50 PM

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