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Perhaps Hill's are the truly 'faith-based' initiatives, Ms. Lafferty

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-47In response to the gay-positive comments that Hillary Clinton made at a recent HRC board meeting (video at link), the Traditional Values Coalition's Faye Buckley Andrea Lafferty says:

"Clinton must feel very confident of victory to be so open about her support of homosexuality and against the traditional family,” ...“These comments clearly expose her previous phony comments about the importance of ‘faith’ in her life. What faith does she have? Faith in sodomy as a lifestyle?

To which we reply:

"Hmm. Perhaps Hill has faith in the fact that she should not judge or cast stones at those who are different from herself? Faith that her God did not create a huge sect of the population to just serve as punching bags for some to take out their own frustrations and moral shortcomings? Faith that the countless gay folks that she has surrounded herself with truly are good, decent people? Faith that one's religious convictions and Biblical interpretations are not acceptable reasons to deny others of their freedoms? Faith that religious freedom does not trump all others? Faith that one should cull their knowledge from the world from what's around them, not just one multi-interpreted word of man? Faith that the American public has been given an eye-opening glimpse into the frightening way some extremists are willing to use their faith as a reason for discrimination, and that they're more than ready for a change? Faith that the spectrum of humanity is strengthened by its diversity, yet weakened by non-acceptance? Faith that her own faith ideas are personal to her, and that she doesn't have to answer to those who offensively try and deny her of her spirituality? Faith that Andrea Lafferty is not the world's moral authority? Faith that "liberty and justice for all" was never intended to have fine print reading: "except those evil homosexuals"? Perhaps she has a Faith Hill CD? Faith that Evangelical Christianity is not the only religious outlook worthy of respect? Faith that discrimination is always wrong, and that many of the same groups who are now opposing gays were once opposing concepts like interracial marriage and equality for women? Faith that "pro-family" is a bastardization as the English language, as many of her gay friends understand the concept of family far more than her opposition? Faith that tarnishing the constitution with bias is beyond disgusting? Faith that her God would WANT her to ask questions? Faith that many of her husband's less-than-stellar policies were compromises that need to be reconsidered? Faith that sodomy is an offensive term and that the so-called "sins" of Sodom has nothing to do with gay relationships as we know them today? Faith that history will not smile upon those who stand against LGBT equality? Faith that history has made many missteps and public opinion has frequently been wrong? Faith that the government should get out of our bedrooms? Faith in the decency of humankind?

But maybe you're right, Ms. Lafferty. Perhaps she should just go read Leviticus and Romans I and have faith that her Jesus meant to "love thy neighbor," unless they're a little too fruity. After all, rational analysis is just so much harder and time-consuming than blind faith!

Hillary Clinton Reveals Her ‘Gay’ Strategy For Presidential Run [TVC]

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Your thoughts

Politicians understand the simple fact that Americans will not vote for them if they are atheists. I am not making a statement about individuals, here - but the truth of the matter is that it's easier to get into office if you are black, female and homosexual than it is to get in as an acknowledged atheist.

I personally don't understand how "faith" can be seen as a *good* thing... Faith implies believing things without evidence. In fact, it doesn't only imply that, it *means* that. And it's a virtue in a ruler? How? I'd prefer those in authority to govern based on the facts, personally... though maybe I'm a little out of touch to feel this way.

In this particular article, you've mentioned a lot of facts in her defence, which is wonderful. My understanding of the facts says that there is no excuse for keeping certain rights exclusive to the heterosexual community. My understanding states that the "faith" that those rights *should* be exclusively heterosexual is absurd, to the point of being actively evil.

The term "faith-based" should not be used as praise. Indeed, I would argue that it is a term of utter condemnation.

Posted by: Anon | Mar 8, 2007 2:51:15 PM

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