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For 'Keep it Gay,' McKellen chastises 'The Producers'

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-50In an interview with the London Times, openly gay actor Ian Mckellan says the following about being gay in Hollywood:

The angry McKellen of old was known to rail against the closeted Hollywood stars, complaining that it was "disgusting" and "distasteful" but now he reserves his judgmentalism for the industry itself. He finds it baffling and beyond hypocritical that West Hollywood is so gay-friendly ­ one of the first places in the world where openly "out" policemen patrolled the streets ­ "and, yet, cheek by jowl with all that liberal attitude, you have a local industry which is saying to local people who live in the area ­ 'When you come to work, you are not gay.' And I think to myself, 'Can people whose minds work like that make good films? And if at the heart of Hollywood there is that lie, how many other lies are there?'

And it's the producers who have this problem ­ God knows what sort of people they are ­ who think that it's impossible for you and me to fancy the same person. Well, what dull lives they must have. And then to think that one's initial reaction to the romantic lead is to want to get into bed with them ­ when that may not be the case at all. Why do you have to fancy the romantic lead? But these people think that's what films are about: titillating the genitalia of the audience."

Yea, yea, blame the producers. We, however, know the real culprit is the craft services team for keeping the actors so well fed that they fear to enter the body-obsessed gay waters. That one actor that everyone knows is gay -- yea, he would have been out like ten years ago had it not been for the bagels and chocolate chip cookies. And that actress that's so obviously a lesbian -- donuts are what have kept her from donning a diminutive two-piece at the Dinah.

The producers are just the enablers. The caterers are the true one's responsible. And don't you even get us started on the key grips or the gaffers...

All hail the king [London Times]

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