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GodTube: Serving only those with whom they agree since 2007

by Jeremy Hooper

You know who doesn't appreciate discourse? The website GodTube, a recently-launched YouTube-like site that's focused on Christian interests. Why do we say this, you ask? Well, here's the story of a ban that's shady:

You might remember the video we posted last week of Louis Sheldon completely misrepresenting a hate crimes document that was released back when Clinton was in office. We provided the full evidence of Mr. Sheldon's lie, with a link to the full document so people could see for themselves where Mr. Sheldon was employing fallaciousness. Wanting to make sure that all who saw the video on GodTube (where the clip was hosted) were also privy to the information, we respectfully posted a comment on the site pointing out Sheldon's error, along with a link to our evidence.

Well, guess what? GodTube pulled that comment! But while the rejection was definitely shady, we didn't overreact. Instead, we thought that maybe they rejected our words because they thought we were link spamming. That being the case, this writer today made this alternate comment:

Picture 18-7

So how does that comment look now on the site? Well...

Picture 19-7

...missing, that's how it looks! They completely pulled not one, but two comments in which we merely tried to present a divergent voice (backed up by TANGIBLE EVIDENCE)!

But hey -- what's more "Godly" than shunning reality?

Hate Crimes Bill [GodTube]

*UPDATE: Once again, we were spurned. This comment was just left...

Picture 20-6

...and this was the result:

Picture 19-8

***UPDATE, 4/19: So they allowed us to make one benign comment (see #5 below), but when we tried to leave another detailed refutation of Sheldon's logic (see #6)....

Picture 26-3

...they again removed it:

Picture 27-2

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Your thoughts

Bwahaha! Great! I'm gonna post that too!

"I simply disagree with Mr Sheldon."

Posted by: williehewes | Apr 18, 2007 12:29:55 PM

I don't see anywhere on their site that reads "If you don't agree with the video, you can't post a comment"

I just love how these christian activists see something that isn't christian but original and go off and create the almost exact same thing except with a little christian twist to it. Can't they come up with anything original of their own?

-Day of Truth for the Day of Silence
-GodTube for Youtube
-Christian Artist Talent Search for American Idol

This is getting old real fast!

Posted by: Sam | Apr 18, 2007 12:34:48 PM

That's okay, we'll just have to get large groups of people to put the truth on the supposedly open site.

Posted by: | Apr 18, 2007 1:33:22 PM

They abscond everything and they're able to get around copyright laws beause who wants to challenge an innocent message from the church? Why didn't the Milk producers group sue because of "Got Jesus?" If you're a washed out, second rate, musician go ahead and do religious stuff. It's an easy market. If you can't make it as a copywriter, go work for the church; they'll let you plagiarize. Since it's also okay to lie directly, anybody is game in the multi trillion dollar business.

GodTube is just a frightened answer to the frightening popularity and free thought on YouTube; however, it is even more of an attempt to cash in on that popularity and limit thought so that your purchases will be better directed to wwjd bracelets.

Posted by: ptboat | Apr 18, 2007 1:43:14 PM

I had the same thing happen to me regarding some video that tried to play a "debate" about homosexuality that turned out just to be a "look at those silly fags trying to defend their butt sexing" that I tried to disagree with and cited some text to support it. I think they blacklist people who cite their sources. Typical christian thinking.

Posted by: Brandon h | Apr 18, 2007 7:58:55 PM

You didn't expect these people would allow reality to intrude into their worldview, did you Jeremy?

Posted by: David | Apr 19, 2007 6:00:03 AM

I just wanted to say that as christian believer I hate to see or hear about hate crimes of any nature. I willbe very honest I stumbled upon this web site trying to find a music videao on Godtube, this particular video touched something deep within me as well as my 18 yr old dauhgter who is still not sure of her beliefs yet nor her sexiality. It made her sob and she wasn,t even near the screen. Here is a plug not to Godtube but that song " who am i" by Third day. what made want to make a comment was hearing a small amount of comments about Godtube,they were not offensive but a bit childish, in my opinion. Not the discussion about attempts of comments being ripped away or flagged as offensive. I personally think it is great to find enjoyable skits, little kids, funny animals, singing ,music,parody,s and other things that I know will not offend me, I do visit youtube and I steer clear of junk I dont want to see. I honestly think this is the first time I ever wrote a comment outside of good job or how funny. I wish christians would,nt hate I wish more of us allowed a voice of difference I HATE THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE SO HEAVENLY MINDED THAT THEY ARE NO EARTHLY GOOD! Ifeel kind of stupid I do not know a whole lot about this mans comments or much about Godtube but I do know about hate crimes my brother was brutally murdered 3/years ago.His sexuallity very well could of played a role in his death but it wasnt him they were looking for it was his former partner who went off the way deep end into sex with young boys a large drug problem and if i may he was very flaming he had been beaten prior my brother also for his association with this guy he was like two different people. Any way my brother had found himself in a bad way he had moved away got clean from minimal d/a and was trying to get away from this man who was many things none too good. My brother had just been set up by some cops who planted stuff in his car he had been jumped in a parking lot broken ribs and ankle were that hate crimes perverted justice. His life here in his hometown ended because of judgement ,hate. My brother was a good man he built churches in haiti.the dominican .he was a hard worker,educated ,he was the best friend i ever had our nephews and neice loved him best. Hate ,drug money or both and being at the wrong place at the wrong time is what caused his senseless death ,He happened to be off work,and went to stop by the house were he used to live because he had one box left there and he had heard rumors of all the crap going on he opened the trnk of his car put one box in and went set the last items by the door probably to yell out back good bye and it was then that he must have seen that man being hacked to death ,my brother was shot two times and dead there has yet to be any one convicted because as the story unfolded hatred weeks prior of multiply fights over 100 peoples DNA hate as the motive rang loud and clear when they rolled there bodies up together and put them in the bed with a horrible remark. Well I honestly probably got so off topic but maybe it is my hearts prayer that the world could see the true non-judgemental veiws of a heart like mine I love JESUS with all my heart I am not about a religion but about someone who wants to reflect GODS love and mercy and goodness HE would not be found Hanging out on Godtube but were thereare hearts and lives that are real not in alofty church but on a street corner feeding the guy everyone passes bybecause he is different. We all are the same created equal want to talk about a hard pill to swallow I believe God loves us all! God even loves the ignorrant,wicked souls that killed my brother HE LOVES ALL THE SAME.!! I have no clue why I WROTE ALL THIS. I hope it helps even one person to see God is not religious he is LOVE EVEN BETTER UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! Hard to fathom thanks for being a open voice here.

Posted by: shelly | Oct 9, 2007 5:12:04 AM

This doesn't surprise me. A friend linked me to Godtube.com several nights ago and after viewing numerous videos filled with bad representations and biased views of other world beliefs and controversial topics (there was a video explaining Buddhism so that the viewer would be able to convert a Buddhist friend to Christianity... they said they proved evolution was wrong on the grounds that it doesn't make sense; in one video, some priest was saying that evolution is the belief that all things will evenutally evolve... even innanimate objects!).

This website fills me with anger and disgust... words cannot describe how much I detest and abhore those people. In fact, I found this page while looking for others who felt the same.

Here's what I say about Godtube.com:

Godtube.com: giving christian, retarded conservatives a voice on the internet since 2007

Posted by: Anon | Sep 15, 2008 10:14:15 PM

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