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Logo's sketchy gay show: Worth a glimpse

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 16-9So we've been given the opportunity to view the first two episodes of Logo's forthcoming series, "The Big Gay Sketch Show." And guess what? It's pretty funny. Seriously.

Now, we'd be lying if we said our hopes were extremely high, as sketch comedy shows in general can be quite hit and miss and gay comedy can be so obvious and pedestrian. But the show is actually fresh, smart, unapologetically gay, and slightly edgy (even daring to take a swipe at rival "gay network," Bravo). Folks like Elaine Stritch and Arianna Huffington are spoofed capably by the competent cast, and the material is often quite clever.

So while reviews are not typically our forte and entertainment recommendations are something from which we usually abstain, we actually would recommend that you give this show a chance when it premieres on Tuesday, April 24. It's definitely a step in the right direction for a network that so desperately needs a water cooler-worthy show.

Big Gay Sketch Show [Logo]

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