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Mr. Sheldon, your nose is growing

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the past few weeks, Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition has pulled out all of the stops in his condemnation of federal hate crimes protections for the LGBT community. He has written scathing pieces in which he completely tries to deny that gays are a targeted minority group who need protection. We've seen him repeatedly refer to the legislation as a "Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen Bill," as he tries to play on his followers' fears of cross-dressing to make the legislation look unsavory. We've even seen his organization present a comic -- yes, a comic -- to try and drive home their unreasoned points.

Today, however, Mr. Sheldon has ratcheted up his anti-H.R. 1592 condemnations to a new degree by taking his antipathy to full motion video:

Okay, so most of this clip brings up the same old bullsh*t that we've addressed and refuted a few times already, just this time in video form. However, there is one part of this clip that is EXTRAORDINARILY important as it, more than just about anything we've seen in recent memory, fully demonstrates just how willing these kids are to manipulate the truth! The portion to which we are referring begins around the :54 mark, so we'd like to ask you to please go back and watch that part now.

<::writer waits for reader to watch clip::>

Okay, so Mr. Sheldon claims that in an anti-hate crimes publication printed during the Clinton years, Baptists and Petecostals were linked by name to White Supremacists. Sounds wrong, right? Sounds like this publication was completely out of line? Well, what Mr. Sheldon DOESN'T tell you is that the portion to which he is referring is a personal account from a former member of the Aryan Nations who is conveying his own personal life experience. The section in question reads:

As a youth I had gone to Baptist, Pentecostal and other churches, but had stopped being religious. Instead I became fascinated with history and the story of Adolf Hitler—who had risen from the gutter to world power. The Aryan Nations, however, considered itself the political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Each Sunday morning I attended worship services and on Wednesday evenings were Bible studies. For example, we read verses from the Book of Genesis and concluded that there had been two creations—one for people of color and another for white people. We called this theology Christian Identity.

THAT passage is what Mr. Sheldon claims "linked Baptists and Pentecostals to white Supremacists." This man is telling his own story about his true-life experiences within the Aryan Nations, and yet Sheldon tries to spin that as anti-Christian bigotry. All the gentleman said was that at one point in his life, he had gone to Baptist and Pentecostal churches. But don't take our word for it; go and download a pdf of the "Healing The Hate" document for yourself. The above quoted section (page 72) is the only time in the entire document that the words "Baptist" or "Pentecostal" are even mentioned! On top of that, there are LOADS of mentions about the need to protect folks on the basis of their religious beliefs, protections from which Christians like Mr. Sheldon benefit. Simply unreal!

So there you have it kids.&nbsp; Once again we have one of these "uber-moral" types WHOLLY, UNSCRUPULOUSLY lying through his teeth so as to make liberals, gays, and Clintons look insidious! But hey, we're sure he only lies about the really benign parts of this political fight, right? After all, don't those who have a penchant for misrepresentation tend to confine their fallaciousness to the small, trivial stuff?

Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen Bill On Fast Track In House Of Representatives! [TVC]

**And this isn't the first time the "pro-family" movement has tried to make this claim about the "Healing The Hate" document. Mr. Sheldon's very own daughter, Andrea Lafferty, seems to have gone on an entire "Baptists and Pentecostals" press tour back in 1999/2000.

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