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'The View' soon to look less Rosie?

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Bio RosieTMZ is reporting that celesbian Rosie O'Donnell will announce on today's show that she is leaving "The View."

Most hopeful that the rumors are true? The comedian's every last fart, who are sick of being turned nightly into national, controversial incidents by the likes of "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight."

Less hopeful that the rumors are true? Misogynistic, size-aphobic, homophobic, heterosexist, extremist conservatives, who were not planning to spend their summers seeking a new scapegoat on whom to pin all of the nation's faults.

The rumors do not indicate why Rosie may be leaving, so we'll have to wait to hear it lesbian straight from the source. Our thought: She's in the finals for next season's "Apprentice," so she needs to free herself up.

Rosie Bids Adieu to "The View" [TMZ]
(H/t: QueerTwoCents)

**UPDATE: It's now been confirmed! Rosie's leaving in mid-June.

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Your thoughts

I have mixed feelings about Rosie leaving. While I think she's an outstanding advocate for gay rights and activism, I feel that she sometimes goes way too far in her bashings. I don't think she needs to leave, any more than I think Joy should leave for her agreeing with Rosie, she should just tone it down a little. I feel bad for poor little Elisabeth, poor little conservative.

Posted by: Paul | Apr 25, 2007 11:30:09 PM

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