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They accuse us of 'punching a hole'; we say, 'No, we're not into that'

by Jeremy Hooper

 Images State-Flags Massachusetts-FlagIn response to Mass. Gov Deval Patrick's decision to recognize 26 out-of-state same-sex marriages that were initially denied recognition by former governor Romney, Focus on the Family's Jenny Tyree says:

"Homosexual activists continue to grasp at anything and everything to punch another hole in marriage in Massachusetts. If twisting the law will help them in their quest to redefine marriage, they are willing to do that and more."

To which we reply:

"Yep, that's us -- pausing our lives to fight this "fight" because we want nothing more than to punch holes in marriage (preferably with one of those fancy three hole punchers). It's not that we actually want marriage and feel that social conservatives attempts to derail the pro-gay train are un-American, mean-spirited, and discriminatory. It's just that our lives (especially now that "The L Word" is on hiatus) are too boring and dull, so we need a few laws to twist and sacred institutions to redefine in order to keep ourselves fulfilled. You've got our number, Ms. Tyree.

Or wait a minute. On second thought, maybe that's not at all the truth, but rather just what folks like Ms. Tyree would like you to believe. After all, that would totally explain why whenever her side talks about pro-gay equality, they always use words like "militant," "hijack," "punch," "twist," and "redefine," as these words convey to the reader a dark, sinister tone. This would also give insight into why these kids can't just present the political and legal issues at hand, but instead have to also seize the opportunity to make it sound like the gays are truly on a quest to wreck families, destroy society, and eat babies.

Hmm..we're open to both possibilities, so we'll just let you decide which group is being more forthright in their motives. It is those who are trying to use religious belief to ban a large segment of the tax-paying population from a civil institution (
and who can't write more than three sentences about us without trying to make us look militant and agenda-filled)? Or is it those who are seeking to have their lives and loves recognized by a system of government that had promised them freedom and equality (and who wouldn't even know the names James Dobson or Don Wildmon were it not for their own "militant" attempts to push gay bias)?

While you're making up your mind on that one, this writer is going to go kiss the man with whom I share every one of life's precious moments punch a hole in my in-laws' heterosexual union. Please excuse my loving intimacy society-wrecking militancy.

Mass. Governor Stands Against Traditional Marriage [FOF CitizenLink]

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