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Hijacking of Faith in America

by Jeremy Hooper

The group Faith in America is launching a five-city, six-month "Call to Courage" campaign, which is designed to "educate Americans about the misuse of religious teachings to discriminate and isolate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people."

Righteous, right? I mean, there are scores of Christians who don't interpret the Bible as a weapon that unequivocally condemns gay people, so it's great that they are getting out there and expressing their religious freedom. And even Christians who are against homosexuality should respect the right of another religious person to foster a conversation with Americans about gay-centric Biblical teaching, yes?

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Docs Harvey-1-2 1Well, consider this reaction to the campaign, courtesy of Mission America's Linda Harvey:

Linda Harvey, president of the conservative group Mission America, told Cybercast News Service on Thursday that "Faith in America claims to oppose 'religious bigotry,' but what they bring to the table is their own bigotry. Unfortunately, it's against Almighty God."

The implication of Faith in America's statements is that these are all inborn traits, when there's no science to back this up," Harvey said.

But "
Scripture could not be clearer on this topic," she stated, pointing to Matthew 19, "which records Christ's words that people were created 'from the beginning' as male and female, and the two become one when they marry."

This group is clearly operating by 'seat-of-the-pants' rules," Harvey said. "They have decided to alter Scripture or disregard it for their own twisted purposes.

"By encouraging people to believe homosexuality is compatible with Christian doctrine, they will lead many people directly into harm's way, into sin, and into believing a deception that may separate them, possibly forever, from Christ,
" she said.

Okay, so first off: JESUS CHRIST! Or better yet: ONE-SIDED HIJACKING OF JESUS CHRIST! But moving on from our disbelief over the fact that anyone would be so bold as to assert that pro-gay Christians are showing bigotry "against an Almighty God" by expressing their beliefs, we also want to say to Ms. Harvey:

(a) You have no science to back up your insistence that gays are "choosing" their lifestyle. And don't even give us some of that junk science from the likes of NARTH or Paul Cameron. We're fed up with that nonsense.

(b) There are MANY people who feel that in Matthew 19:11-12, Jesus actually states that God created gay folks. Now, of course many conservatives Christians scream and yell when that assertion is made. However, just as many pro-gay religious types think that anti-gays misinterpret Leviticus and Romans I. There is room for discussion on such matters. This is, after all, the multi-translated writing of man, much of which -- no matter how much people try to deny it -- is completely ignored by even the best of Christians today.

(c) By seeing the Bible as accepting of gays, Faith in America is altering or disregarding Scripture? And they are the ones with the purpose that's "twisted"?!? Then good God, we don't want to have the purpose that's "straight!!"

The difference between Christians who are accepting and those who are quick to condemn is that the former are
far more willing to analyze and ponder this intricate text in ways that a God who gave them the capacity to think would've wanted them to. No matter what you say, Ms. H, Scripture is simply not that cut-and-dry on this topic!!!!

(d) By encouraging acceptance of gays, folks like FIA are leading people into a far greater chance of living a "normal" life! it is so disgusting the way you anti-gay, conservative Christians like to paint gay life as a scary place filled with harm, yet deny the role that your antipathy has played in the creation of such. Scores of young gays have been condemned, marginalized, and even abandoned by their families. This shame parade can lead to negative self-images and a constant search for escape. By encouraging Christians to be open to the idea that maybe, just maybe, their gay sons or daughters are not hell-bound sinners who are "choosing" their immoral "lifestyles," perhaps we can create a world where gay people feel more like a part of the spectrum of societal normalcy, and less like freaks who only belong in the world's outermost margins!

But then again, we're "anti-God bigots." What do we know?

For more on the truly righteous Faith In America Campaign, click the below image:

Picture 10-31

Campaign Targets 'Religion-Based Bigotry Against Gay People' [CNS News]

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Your thoughts

On her opening point: it amazes me how often these guys counter the accusations that they are bigoted, mean-spirited and devisive in ways that basically come down to, "well, I know you are, but what am I?"

How childish!

Posted by: Willie Hewes | May 5, 2007 12:04:51 PM

Care needs to be taken concerning 'Christians' like Harvey. They wouldn't exist if they didn't fabricate the problem (sin & damnation) AND provide the solution (for a price, of course), much as advertisers do in a 30-second ad. This belief system is nothing more than a slick marketing gimmick.

Posted by: Pete | May 6, 2007 6:01:15 PM

I agree with Linda. The Bible says what it says....Man & Woman. If you don't believe it now, that's fine, you WILL believe it later. Isn't it funny, these gay groups claim Christians are close minded yet when I go to the "Faith in America" site you can't leave a comment or find contact information unless you leave a "donation". Whose close minded??????

Posted by: Kim Nance | May 22, 2008 3:23:43 PM

Oh please, Kim. The "you WILL believe it later" line of discussion (complete with fear capitalization) is so childish and mindless.

And that is untrue about Faith in America's contact. Brent Childers' email address is at the bottom of the site's main page! And it doesn;t take a rocket scientist to realize that all staffers would have the same email format, so you could modify Bruce's address to reach either Lane or Mitchell (if there's aren't published anywhere on the site -- which I seriously doubt.

Nice try though.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 22, 2008 3:28:24 PM

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