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Lafferty frownerties at gay-favorable Gallup

by Jeremy Hooper

 Uploads Staff Andrea Lafferty2424Remember yesterday when we showed you results from a new Gallup poll, wherein it was suggested that America is getting more and more gay accepting? Well, the Traditional Values Coalition, a group whose work mainly consists of demonizing and casting stones at the LGBT community, is less-than-happy with the way this country is headed, and the group's Andrea Lafferty is making her antipathy known. The spokesperson says in a new release:

Sadly, the moral position on this issue is becoming less and less the popular position. We shouldn’t, at this late date, start ‘focus-grouping’ the Scriptures to see which one is the least objectionable. There is no way to vote on sinfulness and turn a sin into a public virtue. The questions on this poll were skillfully worded (like the term ‘gay rights’) to produce a certain outcome and we disagree with that outcome. Jesus didn’t ask for a ‘show of hands’ at the Sermon on the Mount. We, his followers, should not ask America to vote on which of his teachings they choose to obey.

To which we have to say:

Oh, no, you must have read the results incorrectly, Ms. L. For you see, it is the truly "moral position on this issue" that is becoming more and more popular! It's that ugly, un-Jesulike stone-casting and neighbor-shunning that the poll suggests is falling out of favor, Andrea!

As for the poll being "skillfully worded" -- well, let's look at the
poll questions, shall we?

"Do you think homosexual relations between consenting adults should or should not be legal?"
"Do you feel that homosexuality should be considered and acceptable lifestyle or not?"
"Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?"

Uhm, "homosexual"? "Lifestyle"? "Traditional Marriages"? Ms. Lafferty, correct us if we're wrong, but these actually sound FAR MORE like the sorts of terms you kids use to describe our lives and relationships, not the ones that you accuse of being propaganda!

Moving on to your Jesus "show of hands" claim -- Yes, Ms. Lafferty, we, a non-theocratic nation with true religious freedom, ABSOLUTELY should ask America to decide for themselves which religious teachings they find apropos to modern life! You "pro-family" kids have so cruelly hijacked religion in this country that you have painted the picture that only those of you who vote conservative, oppose a woman's right to choose, denounce feminism, and subscribe to the teachings of the evangelical church have a correctly-tuned moral compass. But this is a nation with many varying faiths and views. There are scores of people who find you kids' hypocrisy and one-sided Biblical interpretations deplorable! And there are many whose version of Jesus loves gays for who they are, not what some think they should be. However, you all act as if those whose religious ideals do no match your own are trying to thwart your "religious freedom," not express their own.
It is maddening!

The TVC release continues:

Lafferty wonders if the answers would have been different if Gallup pollsters had asked Americans if they understood that “sexual orientation” can include bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, and sexual attraction to the stumps of amputees.I imagine they would not have been so supportive of homosexuality if they had understood the whole range of ‘sexual orientations’ being normalized in our culture. They also might have been less supportive of homosexuality if they understood that the ultimate goal of homosexual activism is to destroy the concept of marriage altogether.

This survey clearly shows how relentless propaganda, lies, and half-truths have impacted how the American people view homosexuality,” said Lafferty. The mainstream media, Hollywood, pro-homosexual psychiatrists and the educational establishment have done an excellent job of force-feeding homosexuality into our culture.

“The American people need to understand that they’ve been victims of a concerted program of manipulation that’s been going on for at least two decades. The paper, “The Overhauling of Straight America” written by two radical homosexual marketing experts lays out the plan clearly. Every American should read this document to understand what’s being done to him and to his children under the name of ‘tolerance’.

Americans should also read, ‘The Trojan Couch’ by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover on the significant scientific fraud being committed by professional organizations that are committed to promoting the homosexual agenda.

We continue:

Okay, first off: ENOUGH WITH THE BASTARDIZATION OF THE TERM SEXUAL ORIENTATION! We're not sure who among you "pro-family" kids came up with the message that there are 20+ "sexual orientations" and started circulating a list of them, but you are factually wrong on this matter! All of the things you mention are paraphilias, Ms. Lafferty, not "sexual orientations." And that is not just us making that claim -- most credible folks consider all of the behaviors on this widely-distributed list as orthogonal (unrelated) to the sex-based categories of sexual orientation.

Besides that, the folks in this poll were asked about
homosexuality specifically, so the point is really moot anyway!

As for the you claim that
"[t]his survey clearly shows how relentless propaganda, lies, and half-truths have impacted how the American people view homosexuality," Ms. Lafferty -- well, we actually agree with you on this one. For you see, if you social conservatives had not been propagating half-truths and lies about the gay community for the last many decades, then gay acceptance would be up to like 85% or more! The reason why we are still fighting a battle in the country is because we have to convince people that gays are not the immoral demons that you all have tried to paint them as!

And finally, regarding your suggested reading material: For years, you kids have been acting like "The Overhauling of Straight America" (later turned into the book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's, is an evil outline of "the gay agenda." And you act like every single gay person owns a copy and consults it to get through their days. But the truth is that this outline gay rights groups is a righteous book wherein a psychologist (Marshall Kirk) and an ad man (Hunter Madsen) laid out some new ideas on how best to end gay bias. damaging stereotypes, and pervasive anti-gay prejudice. So yes, to you guys, it probably does look like "propaganda," and you are the ones who are propagating the ideas that the book hopes to thwart! However, the actuality is that the tome is the work of two men who were more than fed up with the mean-spirited, anti-gay sentiment that was still all too prevalent in the America of 1989 (when the book was written).

And guess what, Andrea? Many gay people did not like the book, with some prominent gay activists criticizing it at the time. Many still don't like it. That is the case with any political work. But love it or hate it, it is not a "gay guidebook" that activists are required to follow if they want to fight for freedom, equality, and decency! It is simply one work in the canon of gay literature, which just so happens to have been insightful on many things.

As for Jeffrey Satinover's anti-gay works: Well, we don;t really even know how to address that recommendation.
Satinover is one of the "pro-family" movement's stable of "ex-gay"-propagating scientists, with whom we disagree on most everything. For whatever reason, has chosen to break ranks with the views of mainstream psychiatry, and has dedicated his career to working with groups like NARTH to dispute the nature of homosexuality. He is widely criticized by many, yet supported fully by the social conservatives. So gain, we don;t really know what to say -- we find his work to be disingenuous and bias-motivated; you guys do not. People should read his work and let their ideas fall where they may.

So that's it -- Andrea Lafferty thinks gay acceptance is immoral and the result of "homosexual propaganda." We, however, know that it is the result of America wising up to the truth. As already stated, if if were not for folks like Andrea Lafferty and the TVC, America would have likely never been tricked into viewing gays as something that they are not. Without the fear and alienation that the social conservatives have so fervently promoted, American might have instead relied on their own experiences and data to make their own informed decisions about the LGBT community. But with their words and actions part of the American consciousness, many citizens have had to conquer their own preconceived notions about gays and sexuality before even being able to consider any outside ideas. It's pretty easy to just get someone to like you on your own merits. However, it is far more difficult when you have to first prove that you are not out to destroy the fabric of society and corrupt the nation's children!

As polls continue to go in our favor and the tide starts to shift even more readily, we are only going to see the frightened "pro-family" movement launching more vicious and duplicitous campaigns on misinformation. We will continue to challenge them. Not because we have an agenda and a lifestyle to foist into the public, but rather because we have really kick-ass lives and loves that refuse to be cast aside (or worse)!

Public Evenly Divided Over Morality Of Homosexual Behaviors [TVC]

***UPDATE: In a post he has done on the International Mr. Leather event, Americans For Truth's Peter LaBarbera also tries to make a paraphilia look like an orientation (this time "infantilism"). Ironically, the web site he has linked to to describe "infantilism" is a Wikipedia page titled "Paraphilic infantilism."

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Your thoughts

Ms. Lafferty,

You, as an individual American, may choose to subscribe to whatever teachings of Jesus you want. However, Americans as a whole are not required to follow any teachings of Jesus (or any other diety for that matter). That's the beauty of our society. You keep forgetting that very important point.

Posted by: Jessica | May 31, 2007 10:27:42 AM

You are right about the question wording. it uses "old" terminology so that it can be trended. it is this trend line that it most important and that line supports your argument that acceptance is growing much to the displeasure of the holy-rollers.

Posted by: bob loblaw | May 31, 2007 10:56:30 AM

Oh, my. So now “‘sexual orientation’ can include bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, and sexual attraction to the stumps of amputees”??? LOL! It seems to me as though it isn’t sexual orientation of any kind that compels people to obsess about various paraphilia alternatives. Perhaps it’s Ms. Lafferty herself. No—wait. That can’t be true. For we know, or I guess we should infer from her message, that none of these fetish-driven proclivities is ever anything a heterosexual would do. No—wait…

It’s too bad I’m so tired of hearing people like Ms. Lafferty try to take the moral high ground, because I have a feeling there will be lots more of it. But it reminds me of the fury I felt during the U.S. 2004 presidential campaign, when so many unthinking reporters, journalists, and commentators (I say “unthinking” because it was happening on both side of the red-blue fence) were using phrases implying that supporters of W were “voting their values” or “voting their morals.” The truth – for those who haven’t rubbed two gray cells together about it – is that NOT voting for W is also voting one’s values and morals. Certainly that’s how I voted!

So, Ms. Lafferty, you’ve got a corner on nothing. Not morality, not intelligence, and certainly not on spirituality. You should be ashamed of yourself, your supposedly Christian self, for so flagrantly denying to Jesus the two most important things he asked of us: Love God, and love each other.

Posted by: Robin Reardon | May 31, 2007 11:27:45 PM

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